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Boycott Chinese products? China Position in India & USA Market 2020

boycott Chinese products in India

For the last few days, there has been a demand for boycott of Chinese products in india , usa even across the country. On Tuesday, there are also reports of 20 Indian soldiers being martyred in violent clashes along the border, which will increase the anger for China. But can Chinese goods be boycotted.

Lets know How much Chinese products in India & USA Market list market:

Smartphone: Captures 72% of China Market:

boycott chinese Smartphones

The smartphone market in the country is worth Rs 2 lakh crore, with China accounting for 72%. It is very difficult to get rid of the Chinese smartphone in india, because this dominance is in every price segment and it is also very ahead in R&D.

  • Telecommunication equipment: captures 25% market of China:

chinese telecom communications

The telecom equipment market is worth Rs 12,000 crore, with China accounting for 25%. The Chinese can also get rid of telecom equipment, but it will be very expensive for us. According to the telecom companies, if they think of buying American and European telecom equipment then their cost will increase by 10-15%.

  • Television: China captures 45% market:

boycott chinese products china tv television

The television market in India is worth Rs 25,000 crore. Chinese companies account for 42-45% of the smart television market and 7-9% of non-smart television markets. In this market segment too, we can get rid of Chinese goods, but it will be very expensive, because non-Chinese televisions are 20–45% expensive.

  • Home appliances: captures 12% of China market:

boycott chinese home appliances

The market size of home appliances in the country is 50 thousand crore rupees, in which the share of Chinese companies is 10-12%. In this segment, we can easily get rid of Chinese goods, but if any big Chinese company comes down with this cheap products then it will be very difficult.

  • Automobile Parts: China Captures 26% Market:

boycott chinese automobile

The automobile components market in the country is worth Rs 4.27 lakh crore, of which Chinese companies account for 26%. In this segment too, it will be difficult to get rid of Chinese goods, because it will not be easy to find domestic or global alternatives.

  • Internet App: Chinese app crazy Indian users:

boycott chinese tik tok app ban in india

There are 450 million smartphone users in the country, with 66% of people using at least one Chinese app. It is easy to get rid of China in this segment, but Indian users will have to abandon the temptation from an app like Tik Tok and India has so far failed to find an alternative.

  • Solar power: Captures 90% of China market:

boycott chinese Solar Energy

The market size of solar power in the country is 37,916 MW, of which Chinese companies account for 90%. It is almost impossible to get rid of Chinese goods in this segment, as domestic manufacturing companies are weak and other options are expensive.

  • Steel: Captures 20% of China market:

boycott chinese Steel in india

The market size of steel in the country is 108.5 MT, of which Chinese goods account for 18-20%. In this segment we can get freedom from Chinese goods, but it will be tough. For some products, it would be difficult to find products at par with the Chinese price.

  • Pharma / API: China Captures 60% market:

boycott chinese pharma

Pharma / API has a market size of Rs 15,000 crore in India, with Chinese companies accounting for 60%. In this segment too, it will be very difficult to get rid of Chinese goods. Other sources are expensive and there will be many difficulties in the way of large chemical factories.

The patriotic people of India have started a campaign to boycott Chinese goods. it’s only fair. This campaign should be fully supported. China is constantly creating obstacles in front of India. However, the most unbearable thing for every Indian is that China is consistently supporting Pakistan.

China’s behavior on terrorism is also not right. The way China has tried to defend Pakistan after the Uri attack, there is a lot of resentment among the patriotic people of India towards China. To teach China a lesson, Indian citizens have launched a campaign to boycott Chinese goods on social media. This campaign is showing its color. Sales of Chinese goods in India have fallen so much in about a month that China has been badly dodged by it.

In a furious Chinese media, there is a very mild sarcasm against India and its citizens. Writing about the campaign for boycott of Chinese goods, the Chinese media has written that India may bark, but cannot do anything. India’s goods and technology cannot stand in front of China’s goods and technology. But China does not realize that if the citizens of India decide, then all the things on one side and the decision of the Indians on the other. China will not even know what the common citizens feel about its goods in India. Chinese goods are considered secondary. His quality is viewed with suspicion. Chinese goods are sold in India because they are cheaper. Its sales are not due to quality.

boycott chinese products market in india

There are some people in India who are opposing the national campaign to boycott Chinese goods. He argues that this will cause a huge loss to the small traders of India, who have invested a lot of money at the time of the festival and have filled Chinese goods for sale in their shops. Diwali of small traders will go wrong Actually, people who think so are of very narrow mindset. If this thinking were to go on, then under the independence movement, Holi of foreign goods could never be lit to teach the British a lesson. Those who think in India’s interest have always insisted on the boycott of foreign goods and the use of indigenous goods.

The urge to boycott foreign goods has preceded the country’s independence. The second big thing is that the boycott of Chinese goods may still cause losses to small traders, but in the end the success of this campaign is in their own interest. Small goods, small workers, and cottage industries have suffered the most from Chinese goods. So those who are opposing the movement of boycott of Chinese goods are actually hurting the workers and cottage industries of India.

Ever since the Indian market was hit by Chinese goods, the potter’s chalk in India has not only slowed down, but to a large extent their chalk has stopped. The business of people making toys of wood, clay and sugar was stopped. Chinese crackers dropped the shutters of many Indian cracker factories. The work of Indian electricians came to a standstill due to cheap Chinese lights on Diwali. Indian Rakhi business on Rakshabandhan is deeply hurt.

The situation is even that even the worship material is coming from China. Therefore boycott of Chinese goods is appropriate. We should boycott Chinese goods as much as possible by not getting caught up in the emotional appeals of people with anti-India mentality, so that our workers, weavers, craftsmen and cottage industries can get new strength. Naturally, people boycotting Chinese goods are demanding Indian goods in the market today i.e. when the demand for Indian goods increases, then our cottage industries will be strong.

Therefore, the campaign to boycott Chinese goods has two major advantages. One, China will get a lesson. Two, India’s cottage industry will gain strength. The situation of people associated with small businesses will be strengthened. India’s economy will be strong. Employment will increase in India. So, let’s become part of the ‘boycott of Chinese goods’ campaign.

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