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Google starts development of “Newspack” as CMS for small and medium-sized publishers

Google has announced a partnership with WordPress developer and operator Automatic to offer a new CMS for small and medium-sized news publishers.
It is a CMS called “Newspack”.

Nespack is currently accepting publishers to take part in the trial and plans to make it publicly available later this year.

Newspack for small and medium publishers

Unlike big publishers that everyone knows about (The New York Times and The Guardian overseas, Asahi Shimbun and Nikkei newspaper in Japan), small and medium publishers that publish local newspapers are resources. Is not abundant.

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Necessary to publish news on the web,

  • Website design, design
  • CMS management operation
  • Construction of subscription billing system
  • In many cases, you will not be able to afford sufficient costs in terms of human resources, time, and budget.

Publishers’ essential mission is to publish news articles, not to technically build a website.
So Google decided to offer Newspack so that small and medium-sized publishers could focus on their original mission.

Google has invested $1.2 million (about 130 million Japanese yen) to develop Newspack.
In addition to Google, several publishing companies and organizations have funded large amounts of money (though far behind Google).

Based on WordPress, Newspack is expected to have features and plugins necessary for publishing news articles in an easy-to-use form.
It also seems to have the following mechanism that is essential to the business model of news sites.

  • Ad delivery
  • Subscription billing
  • Member management
  • Although Newspack is a CMS for news publishers, I’m wondering if it’s also available for corporate owned media.
  • I do not yet know the specific specifications of what kind of CMS is actually published.

As I mentioned at the beginning, we are currently looking for publishers to participate in the pilot program.
There are application requirements, but interested publishers can apply for the pilot program.
For details on application requirements and how to apply , check the Newspack official website .

If you’re not a news publisher, content publishers are looking forward to seeing what the CMS of Nespack will look like by the end of this year.

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