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Google of index updates will be installed in Yoast SEO plugin of WordPress

Yoast SEO, a WordPress plugin that can use various functions for SEO , seems to be equipped with a function to quickly reflect the update status of web pages in Google’s index.

Joost de Valk , organizer representative and developer of this plugin, announced at YaostCon in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. The official blog also announces.


Google and Bing Live Index

  • According to the announcement, the Yoast SEO plugin will add Live Indexing features for Google and Bing.

By connecting to a site called MyYoast via a plugin, it is possible to publish, update and delete articles in the Google and Bing indexes in a short time.
In the case of Bing, it will be checked within 1 minute after notification of the update.
It does not seem to be a complete real-time reflection.

The details of what Google’s indexing will look like have yet to be determined.
You will probably need Search Console privileges (Bing does not need a Webmaster Tools account).

The Live Indexing feature of the Yoast SEO plugin will be available later this March.

seo content for wordpress blogger blog

Yoast SEO has been my favorite on this blog for a long time.

I also imagined using the Indexing API that can be used for job search (job search), but it seems to work with a completely different mechanism.
It is not a Yoast SEO-specific mechanism, but it seems to be a function that anyone can use .

If the specifications are released, it may be possible to develop as a unique tool.
Still, WordPress users may find it convenient to rely on the trusted and proven Yoast SEO plugin.
The official release is awaited.

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