How to choose the best WordPress theme for SEO and its recommendations! July 4, 2020 by Anil Patil

WordPress that even a beginner can easily create a site. Depending on the theme, a site that is not only visually appealing but also excellent in usability will be built so that it is unlikely to be created by a beginner.

There are innumerable WordPress themes, including free and paid ones, so I think that those who are new to use will be wondering which one to choose. First of all, I don’t think there is a problem if you choose it according to your taste, but if it’s a good time, you want to make it a site where access is gathered, right?

SEO is indispensable for attracting customers to the site, so it is good to choose a theme that is easy to rank in the search results. This time, I will talk about the WordPress theme that is said to be strong in SEO.


Why do you need a strong theme for SEO?

seo optimized wordpress themes

The theme of WordPress, which is said to be strong for SEO, has a structure that makes it easy for the search engine robot (crawler) to receive high evaluation . Therefore, choosing a theme that is strong in SEO makes it easier to rank than a site that uses a general theme.

Depending on the theme, the ranking will be inferior or superior, so if you are creating a site that is SEO-friendly, you need a strong SEO theme.

It is said that the content should be good, but is the theme still important?

There is no doubt that the quality of content is the most important item in SEO, but it is important to use the appropriate theme in order to enhance the SEO effect. Even if the quality of the content is good , it is not possible to expect higher ranking for themes that have a structure that adversely affects SEO.

Not only improving the quality of the content, but also selecting the theme is the key to obtaining high ranking in the search results.

List of themes that are strong against SEO

Then, I will introduce the themes that are said to be really strong in SEO.

Even if the theme is strong in SEO, it may not rise.

As I’ve said many times, what matters in SEO is the quality of the content. Even if the theme is strong in SEO, it will not be ranked higher if the quality of the content is poor. The theme is just a box, and it exists to enhance the contents. A fine box made of paulownia (strong in SEO) can improve the quality of products (content) rather than a cardboard box (which is weak in SEO).

If no matter how much content you create, it doesn’t go up to the top, so doubt the quality.

Summary: Let’s polish content with SEO-resistant WordPress theme!

WordPress theme, which is generally said to be strong against SEO, has necessary measures taken based on the experience of SEO up to now. All of these are excellent themes that also focus on the latest SEO trends, and I think it would be a challenge to choose those who have some knowledge.

However, no matter which theme you use, the ultimate difference is in the quality of your content. Let’s leave the internal measures of SEO to the theme, and focus on improving the quality of the content anyway.

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