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7 Effective Ways to Increase Website Traffic

You who have completed the website. So what’s the next step? That is to get them to visit your website. It’s time to focus on the inflow of traffic to your website!

You may have heard the term “increase website traffic” a few times while researching websites and reading Wix blogs . Also, for beginners, there may be too much information to make you feel dizzy.

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It can be time consuming and labor-intensive for traffic to flow into your website, but it can be done with a few points. Here are 7 great ways to drive traffic to your website with SEO, social media, blogs and more.

01. Email Marketing..

Email marketing seo increase website traffic

Email marketing is a basic step in bringing traffic to your site. In other words, you may receive various e-mail magazines every day. It serves as an essential promotional tool for the business. Email marketing is a great way to get your customers up-to-date on your latest blog posts, sale information and more. It can also be a reminder to remind your customers of the existence of your business.

Wix is also equipped with the Wix Shoutout e-mail newsletter creation and transmission function. With Shoutout, you can create professionally designed professional newsletters to announce sales, new products, or blog posts, and instantly broadcast them to your customers. It also has a function to check the analytics of past newsletters, so you can grasp which issue of the e-mail magazine was responsive.

Subject : The subject of the e-mail magazine is an important factor that affects the opening rate. Try to make your title interesting and eye-catching.

Straight to the point : for example, “.!. Hello was a blog update link is here” as in, let’s straightforward to convey the requirements that you want to convey.

CTA : Put a CTA button in the customer’s clear position to direct the customer to your desired page in the newsletter .

02. SEO: Start from the basics of the website..

how to increase seo traffic

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is defined as “the process of maximizing the number of visitors to your website”. By selecting the right keywords and optimizing the site content, you can improve search engine rankings for your site. In a nutshell, SEO is a process that is conscious of being evaluated by Google.

A good party planner will make sure that the party venue is perfectly prepared before guests arrive for a nice performance. It’s about preparing drinks for the number of people, setting a lot of inflated balloons on the ceiling, and preparing a snack menu that meets the dietary restrictions of guests. If you compare this to SEO, you are the party planner, your website is the party venue, and the search engine is your guest. Before you publish your site and collect traffic, make sure your website is ready to be “rated by Google”.

First, let’s take a look at this SEO basic guide . After that, please see the SEO12 point here . Did SEO feel like a labyrinth without exits? Don’t worry! Wix has a help ship called Wix SEO Wiz for you. Wix SEO Wiz is free to use and offers the right plan for you to step by step to improve your site’s SEO. It will check for you, for example, whether the heading of your site is set up correctly, the keywords on your page are correct, and alt text has been added to your images.

Wix SEO Wiz has also been evaluated by Google. At a recent Google event, an employee of the company told me about WixSEO Wiz’s immediate indexing feature.” For Wix users, it’s a very cool experience to see a site appear in search results right after it’s created. I received the comment.”

There are many paid services for optimizing SEO search engines. But these services aren’t doing the impossible for you. SEO is a “free” method that anyone can do. The Internet is full of information you can learn about SEO. The Wix blog is one of those sources, and it’s a great place to collect tips for your site’s SEO.

The saying “Rome doesn’t happen in one day” is true of SEO. Website rankings do not improve in one day. Even after SEO measures are taken, it will take some time to be actually evaluated by Google. It’s also important to keep up to date with high-quality content. SEO is the key to success by being patient and sticky.

03. Use of social media..

social media seo

Living in 2018, it has become difficult for us to avoid SNS. What SNS business can you utilize for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.? No matter who your target customers are, they are somewhere on social media. There are ways to reach your target customer through paid social network services (more on that later), but by creating content about your business industry, products, services, etc., you can naturally reach your target followers. You can also get You can also provide customer support and engage with customers through social media, helping to grow your community.

If social media is an extension of your business, the two need to be tightly bound together. For example, if you are posting a new blog, share the blog on your SNS and increase the number of site visitors. Put your website link on your SNS profile and SNS icon on your website so that you can easily access each other.

04. Add blog

You may have heard that adding a blog to your website has a positive effect on SEO and traffic inflow across your website . A bot search engine crawls the site and analyzes new information one after another. In short, regular blog updates tend to make this “bot” visit your website frequently, index new information, and improve your search engine ranking. .. Therefore, there is a big difference with and without a blog.

If you want to start a blog and are wondering what article to write? Don’t worry! Please have a look since we have compiled a list of useful content ideas . The points regarding blog writing are as follows.

Add a blog to your website : First, make sure your website and blog are connected. If you use Wix blog , it is already built in as a function, so you can just use the Wix blog app.

Consistency is key : If you want to get great SEO effects from your blog, it’s an effort. Make sure your blog posting schedule is consistent and do not post more than 2 months. As with the benefits of SEO, blogging takes time and effort to see results.

Share Knowledge : As an industry expert, write articles with the intention of sharing your knowledge and thoughts with readers. Not only is it worth the reader, but it’s also a great opportunity to advertise your business on your blog. At that time, make sure that the link access on your website is smooth from your blog. We recommend adding links to other pages such as your product page and service introduction page so that you can stay on your website for a long time.

Evergreen Content : If you’re trying to write something different than usual, what about evergreen content where the value of an article is long-lasting? Especially how-to and history themes are suitable for evergreen content. Articles like these are likely to attract site visitors over the years.

Reposting Previous Posts : Are there any previous blog posts that don’t contribute much to your traffic inflow? Let’s repost such past articles! Also, if your article is of the tutorial type, try to include more relevant and up-to-date information and then repost. Also, check out the latest SEO trends to see if past posts follow the guidelines.

05. Appoint guest posts

Ever wanted to spice up your blog with unusual content for your readers? Instead of doing a thorough research and writing an article, look for a blogger who will post a guest on your site. Why? There are several benefits to guest bloggers adding content to your site. Your readers can experience fresh content from a different perspective. And followers of guest bloggers may visit your website. The same goes for guest follower sites. It’s a good way for you and guest bloggers.

Japan is a blog powerhouse. Various blogger communities are formed on the Internet. Connect with other bloggers using Facebook groups and online bulletin boards. There should be a blogger who will gladly take over.

06. Submit your information to web directories and forums

Web Directory : It may sound a bit old-fashioned, but it’s like a yellow page in a phone book and one of the basics of content marketing. To register in the web directory, simply submit your website URL and business information. By doing so, your information will be categorized and added to the relevant directories, making it easier for search engines to find it. Basic but good.

Forum : A bulletin board for members only. By placing a bulletin board, you can share information and exchange opinions by posting articles and making comments. It’s also the perfect place to show off your website links. Don’t write meaningless URLs or write in order to avoid being treated as spammers.

07. PPC Advertising

All the techniques introduced above in this article can be done at no cost. Finally, I will also introduce paid advertisements for reference. The most well-known paid ads are PPC ads (cost per impression). Sometimes referred to as CPC (cost per click), both are internet ads that are free of charge and are charged for the amount that users click on links.

  • Listing Ads : means ads that appear on the search results screen depending on the keywords entered into the search engine. When you bid on a specific keyword because your website will be displayed and that keyword is searched, an auction will automatically be held. Each time your ad is clicked, you will be paid up to the amount you set.
  • Social Advertising : Looking for advertising on social media? This type of ad is effective for your business because it allows you to show ads to a specific audience.
  • Facebook Advertising : Targeting settings that allow you to target demographics, location, behavior, interests and more. There are three types of target audiences to choose from: Core Audience, Custom Audience, and Similar Audience. For more information, see Targeting Facebook Ads.
  • Twitter Ads : Twitter’s advertising model allows you to set specific goals, such as increasing followers or driving traffic to your website. Traffic diversion to the site will only be paid if the user clicks on your website link. All impressions and engagements you get from it are free.

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