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YouTube Videos SEO Complete Guide: Video SEO For Rank on Youtube

Do you use YouTube for marketing? Seo for youtube videos is not much easy to do, but you can rank videos on youtube if you follow right seo tactics, here are the best ways to get top rank on youtube searches.

With over 1 billion unique users per day, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google. However, most of the videos are not used as a means of attracting more customers than Google, and do not even have the minimum SEO measures.

So in this YouTube SEO guide, we’ll walk you through the five basic steps you need to take to rank your video on both Google Search and YouTube. Make sure you get a lot of prospects with video marketing.

Step1. Select keywords for YouTube Videos

he most important part of YouTube keyword selection is to search for “ video keywords ” that will show your video in Google search results . Video keywords are keywords that appear on Google as well as YouTube search results.

This means that videos optimized with video keywords can be accessed directly from Google Search. For example, the keyword “How to make an Egg Benedict” is a video keyword. This is because the video is displayed in the search results when you search Google.

youtube videos seo keywords

Google search generally tends to display videos with the following types of search keywords:

  • Tutorial (specific example)
  • How-to
  • Review
  • Experiment/Demonstration
  • presentation

1. Find video keywords

The simplest way to find a video keyword is to do a Google search for keywords in your field and list the keywords that will display your video in the search results. In addition, next is a technique to efficiently search for keywords that should be prioritized and checked.

Search with Ahrefs Keywords explorer
You can search keyword data on YouTube with Keywords explorer of Ahrefs of SEO tool. This is the most recommended way to search using paid tools. In the sample, we are searching by “diet”.

Ahrefs> Keywords explorer > Click YouTube tab> Enter keywords> Search

ahrefs youtube seo video google search

You can get detailed information about related keywords as well as the search volume and number of clicks of the searched keyword. Related keyword ideas will help you find the theme for your video. In the case of the sample keyword “diet” this time, you can see at a glance that dance, meal, muscle training, etc. are subcategories in the diet.

youtube video seo overview

2. Check the keyword search volume

Youtube search engine seo

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