Speria Mobile in Rs.4999, Speria S9, P20, P30 Fake Models Case Study

What you think about it? 

Speria Mobiles Real or Fake?

Mobiles: You should know about this all kinds of fake products on the Internet like speria p30 pro, speria s9 smartphone, which is also searched price in flipkart, amazon but its not available on this websites. This kind of Fake website like phonskart.in, bookmyphone are very dangerous so please requesting you to read this full article before you leave, because maybe we can save your money and valuable time.

Speria All Fake Smartphone Mobile List

    • Speria S9 Pro Notch Smart Phone Tempered glass
    • Speria P30 Pro Smartphone
    • Speria XT
    • Speria P20 6 inch Screen
    • Speria K5 Notch Smartphone
    • Speria K20 Pop-up Camera 20MP 6 GB
    • .Speria M10 4G Smartphone

speria k20 pro

All mobiles phone company has been published on the internet, buy it on your own risk. as mentioned brands to buy online from various ecommerce website is just only copy of the other brands name which looks like same but loose your mind out of specs and features. Read all the terms and condition before make any purchase online.

Story behind Speria mobiles Delivery

On the other hand we also tested this on Live and real and fake identifier by ordering speria smartphone from phoneskart.in and What we got?

A Batterless Mobiles, Which means you can say its Smartphone even we didn’t talk about 5g yet, we got a 3g handset lol, So Be Safe, Be Careful !!!

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