Asus Ai Suite 3 Usage & Motherboard features, Download Update For Asus Motherboards

Written by Anil Patil, Published on August 18, 2020 9:27 am, GMT+0530

Asus Ai Suite 3 Usage & Motherboard features, Download Update For Asus Motherboards

AI Suite 3 it’s a 3D model to control your fan speed, BIOS settings, overclocking and some extra supported motherboard features where you can also update and download your Windows and Linux from the directly Asus AI Suite 3.

In this article we are going to know about all the features and review about Asus AI Suite supported Motherboards, where you can access all your bio settings and motherboards control.

What is Asus AI Suite 3 & Its Supported Motherboards?

This is the front end UI interface software where you can control your motherboard settings and BIOS settings like fan speed control overlocking CPU heat and power temperature voltage etc this is not necessary for everyone because you can do it it directly in BIOS control panel.

ASUS AI Suite 3 supported motherboards:

  • ASUS H81M-CS mATX Motherboard – AI Suite 3: One-stop access to innovative ASUS features.

Is Ai Suite Safe For overclocking, Voltage Temperature?

its not as overclock friendly and several times where the cpu has died. so it seems the broadwell-e cpu is easier to kill with an overclocking, do not worry about all the necessary features they recommend in AI Suite you can also leave its original to safe and easy to troubleshoot. if there any issue in voltage try to check you hardware (SMPS) power supply before making any changes.

Many of Gamers build their own PC with personal requirement which is also wants to control everything by the front end UI interface they had to control there fan speed which is quite easy with AI Suite 3 software even I also seen thousands of gamers using it specifically controls their bio and motherboards expertise.

How to Download & Update Asus AI Suite 3

Fan Xpert 4 gaming PC Asus AI Suite 3 Supported Motherboards

You can also download this AI Suite 3 from the official Asus website basically its pre-installed in Asus branded I supported motherboards If you are using old computer or build PC then you have to download and install it manually in your Windows.

AI Suite 3 Program Download Details

  • URL:
  • Installation folder: C:\ProgramData\asus\ai suite iii
  • Uninstaller: “C:\ProgramData\ASUS\AI Suite III\Setup.exe” -u
  • Estimated size: 165.26 MB

Bonus Tip: Do not use if your configuration is low, you should check your hardware or try troubleshooting.

Thousands of people have issue with AI Suite 3 which is also acquired common issues when the making changes with directly from the software so we are recommend you to traffic sing out your accurate problem with hardware before you make any changes.

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