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Blogger, How To Create a Blog on Blogger for free

In this article, we will learn how to create a blog on Blogger for free. Many people want to make a career in the field of blogging and want to know how to make a blog? But in the beginning, no one invests money in blogs, so to start blogging, we will know how to make a blog for free?
In the field of blogging, many people are working and earning money as well. Blogging is like a business, which you can do part-time or full-time. But before you start blogging, you need to know what is blogging? How to create a blog? And make money by making a blog? You will get all such information in this article.
How to create a blog on Blogger for free
How to create a blog on Blogger for free

How to create a blog on Blogger for free with blogger new Interface

In view of the increasing demand in the field of blogging, many people want to make their careers in the field of blogging, but not all people are aware of how to make a blog. Some people start blogging in the beginning by purchasing the domain and hosting, but they do not get success due to not getting the right information. Therefore, if you want to successfully build a blog, then for this you will have to get basic information related to blogging.
Here we will give you all the information related to blogging so that you can create your blog on Blogger for free and run it successfully. For this, you should read the information given in the article carefully.

What is blogging?

A blog is a platform where you can spread the information given by you online to people all over the world. Blogging is the way we communicate our information to people through blogs.

How to Earn Money from the blog?

When you create a new blog, to earn money from that blog, it is more important how many visitors visit your blog, the visitor visiting the blog in blogging is called traffic. Initially, there is not much traffic to any new blog, but when you publish regular posts on the blog and your blog becomes old then the traffic on the blog starts increasing.
There can be many ways to earn money from a blog, mainly in which you can earn money from a blog in the following ways.
If you simply want to share your thoughts on different topics, you can simply register a free WordPress blog and start writing
Since you can use this free blogger platform for some time, when you feel that you can now run the blog successfully, you can get paid domain and hosting and move it to WordPress.

Things required to create a own Hosted blog

When you create a new blog you usually need the following things to be ready
  • Domain
  • Hosting

1. Google Adsense

This is believed to be the main way to earn money from any blog, in this, you can earn money by showing the Google ads on your blog by taking the approval of Google Adsense.

2. Affiliate marketing

If you create a successful blog and traffic starts coming to your blog then you can earn money by joining the affiliate program of any company and sharing affiliate links on your blog.

3. Brand Promotion

If organic traffic starts coming in high quantity on your blog, then you get offers from companies for a product review or brand promotion so that you can earn good money from your blog.

How to create a new blog on Blogger for free?

In the beginning, everyone works for the purpose of understanding blogging and nobody would want to invest money at the beginning of blogging. So today we will tell you how to start a blogging blog for free? We will provide you complete information about Blogging.
Under this, we will learn about Google’s product blogger from where you can create your blog for free and publish articles by writing on it, and also we will know how we have to work on our free blog and we have a successful blog What things will be required to make.
If you want to start blogging and make a blog for free, then you get all these things on Blogger for absolutely free. And if you want to make your blog a brand after some time, you can buy a top-level domain and hosting plan.
Since Blogger is a free platform of Google, the free blog given to you here will be like example.blogspot.com. Apart from this, you get free hosting of google with it absolutely free.

Many information related to creating a blog is available to you on the Internet, but now the interface of Blogger has been completely updated, which may cause you problems in creating a blog. Here we will learn about how to create a free blog using Blogger’s new interface. Now let’s understand how we can create our free blog on Blogger. 

  1. First of all, create a Gmail account which is totally free.
  2. Login with you new account
  3. Search on google for blogger
  4. now click on the blogger.com.

How to create a blog on Blogger for free


step 5.  Now click on create your blog. 
Create new account blogger


Step 6.  Choose the Title of your blog and click on the Next button.
choose URL for your blog


Step 7.  Now choose the address name of your blog here we are using a name for example. 
Finishing the blogger sign in


Step 8. Now confirm your Display name, you can choose your name or your blog name and click on the Finish button. 
create new post


Step 9. Now your free blog is ready on the blogger platform. 
Step 10. Now you can create your first post to click on the New post option.
Step 11. If you want to check your Blog status then click on the Status option.
view the the blog


Step 12. You see your blog by clicking on the view blog option.
Since the theme on the new blog is very normal, you can download and use the theme for free from Google. 

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Conclusion :

Here we learned how we can create a new blog on the Blogger platform for free. If you follow the steps given above, you can create a new blog very easily. After creating a new blog, you will have to work to increase traffic on the blog or this, you will have to publish many posts on your blog.
If you use Blogger, you get to see blogspot.com with the free domain name obtained by Blogger, which does not look good on a professional blog, so if you want to put a professional domain name on your blog, then for this, Must buy top-level domain online.
To buy the domain name you can buy online from any domain provider company (GoDaddy, big rock, Namecheap). After this, you can move to WordPress and on WordPress, you also have to buy hosting.
But if you want to start blogging and make a blog for free. Blogger is the best platform for you on which you can learn blogging by creating a blog.


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