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WhatsApp Top 10 Tricks & Tips That Will Steal Your Heart in 2021!

WhatsApp usage is increasing in India. WhatsApp is used all over the world. You can talk to a friend by installing this WhatsApp App in your mobile phone. Simultaneously, you can send videos, photos, documents file, PDF, software, GIF on  WhatsApp. Also you can make video calls from this app.

There are also some WhatsApp Tricks tips that are important to know, some of the most WhatsApp Tricks tips which can be useful for us. Like sending WhatsApp security, WhatsApp Chatting security, sending WhatsApp Chatting via Gmail, Last Seen Hide in WhatsApp, someone’s WhatsApp account, reading someone’s chatting with the help of WhatsApp Tricks Tips.


Latest 2021 WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

Turning off double tick, Creating two accounts in one mobile, creating a real multi WhatsApp account, mute WhatsApp group chat. So friends, everyone knows how to use WhatsApp Messenger. But some such WhatsApp messenger tricks tips must be known. The Following tips will make Whatsapp more fun in your mobile through these tips and tricks.

  1. Run 2 Whatsapp Account in One mobile?

To run two WhatsApp accounts in one mobile, you only have to download one App. With the help of which you can run two WhatsApp accounts in your mobile.


If you want to make multi-account Facebook, messenger, Gmail, and other apps besides WhatsApp Account. For this, by downloading these apps, you can create a multi (double) account. Just download dual space and login.


In this way, all types of documents, PDF files, ZIP files and other documents can be uploaded to Cloudsend or Dropbox and send a link to them and send to friends.


  1. Create Invite Link of Whatsapp Group


To make Membership in a group in WhatsApp, Membership is created by ADD by the Group Admin, in that case, that number has to be done in advance, then it is added to the group, so it is a bit long and the time is also waste.


Therefore, Membership can be made by sending a link to any friend easily by creating Group Invite Link.


  1. Create a Group Invite link?


Open the group you want to add to a friend (for that you must be an administrator)

“Add Participate” >> invite to group via link >> copy link

In this way, by copying the link, you can send any friend to social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and make a group member.


  1. Make Mobile Number an International Number?


If you want to make your WhatsApp number a foreign number or international number,

then read here->

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  1.  Hide blue tick in WhatsApp


When someone’s message comes in WhatsApp and we read it with Open, then the front is seen with Blue Tick, in such a way, if you want to hide Blue Tick, then you can hide Blue Tick from the step given below.


Go to WhatsApp Setting >> Account >> Privacy >> read receipt and remove the tick. And you are done.


  1. Hide Last Seen From Specific Chat


you can hide your last seen with simple step given below.


WhatsApp Setting >> Account >> Privacy >> Last Seen >> Nobody

Nobody = Nobody to appear to anyone

Contact only = to show the last list only to the contact list


  1. Lock WhatsApp Archives


If you do not want that no one should open your whatsapp without your permission, then follow this steps below

Open Whatsapp setting >>Account<<security<<app lock. Now just secure your account with Pin or Fingerprint..


  1. Recover Deleted WhatsApp chat


If you want to recover deleted chat in WhatsApp, you can read the deleted chat by following the steps given below.


  • Open the phone me file manager.
  • Open External storage >> Whatsapp >> database.
  • You will get 2 options,
  • (1). msgstore.db.crypt (One day chatting file)
  • (2). msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt (seven days chatting file)
  • You can read Chatting by opening the file in a text editor.


    1. Change Number

Changing your phone number will migrate your account info, groups and settings.

If you want to change WhatsApp number to another number, change it like this-


  1. WhatsApp Setting >> Account >> change number
  2. Old phone number- enter your old number in it
  3. New phone number- Insert new number in it.
  4. Now its done.
  5. In this way you can change from one number to another in WhatsApp

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