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How to write SEO friendly Article

Blogger SEO:  If you are on free blogger platform and wants to write perfect SEO friendly Blog posts  when we do not have any SEO control on the page, then you have to make sure some most important SEO things in mind. So in this article we are gonna learn step by step how to implement SEO and its most important points.

Blogger SEO post article
Write SEO friendly article for blogger

SEO for Blog Posts Title

  • Title Starts with Main keyword
  • Title should be short and non spamy keywords
  • Including Keyword must be two times with reference keywords
  • Do not Copy from any Google s top ranking website title  (I tried this to get out of it but Google plagiarism algorithm can detect it)
  • Always Type First Letter Capital

SEO for Blog Description

  • Heading (H1, H2) Including Main keyword
  • Write 4-5 lines paragraph with related keywords but be sure keywords density not higher then 5%. Otherwise post will be excluded by the search engine.
  • Add at least 3 images in familiar size.
  • Image should be clear and non copyright.
  • Every image have alt attributes.
  • If you want to add image caption then make sure it is not too long.
  • Keep readability Good to navigate each links, Image & content.

Do Not Miss, Tags of the post bottom, attech post separate labeled, and Category.

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