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I bought a domain now what? Bonus Tip to Do Next

I just bought a new domain now what to do next? On Reddit, I bought a domain, now what? I work for an agency and we just purchased a domain for our business. Should I purchase hosting for parking this domain let’s know How to set up the domain next for my website, let’s understand what we have to do after purchasing a new domain?

A question wisely asked by the peoples who don’t know what to do next after purchasing domains, since I started my blog journey I realised that thousand of peoples are still searching for this type of questions. So in this article, I will explain to you what you have to do next.

I bought a domain now what to Do

Well, there are too many things that you can do with your domain like parking your domain for a paid and free site if you brought a new domain for your blog then you can Park it easily with your hosting DNS.

  1. What is domain how to use it for website?

    This is a very common subject for a beginner, The domain is a name of your website which will help you to recognise your website or blog. well let's understand by an example, you bought a dog and then you suggest his name for your dog.

  2. How to setup a new domain?

    If you want to set up your first domain, then you have to access your Cpanel area, where you can find add a domain option before adding it to mean you must

  3. Can I set my domain on blogger?

    Yes absolutely you can park your domain with blogger DNS if you have a blogger blog and you just broad a domain then follow the official instruction from blogger to set up your new domain.

It depends on both conditions, after selecting your website topic else targeting a micro niche. Let’s move on the main steps after bought a new domain.

How to Setup a new domain?

  • Go for the hosting provider. I will recommend merahost.org
  • if you haven’t bought hosting then select Web hosting
  • Select Hosting plan according to your budget I will recommend starter first three month
  • After updating your DNS in your domain registrar where you register your domain, select I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers
  • Fill your domain name you just bought from domain registrar.

This simple step Teaches Up How You Can Set Up Your domain for your website, hope you will understand how to setup domain after purchasing from a domain registrar. There are the best domain providers where you can register your first domain at the very low and cheapest price.

Here is the Bonus Tips

If you are new in blogging, we always suggest you write content on low competition keywords, It is very important to have a rank of your site.

  • Always try to focus on micro niche or long tail keywords
  • Build a list of your competitors

Alright so if you know about how to setup your website on your hosting then lets know how you can buy a cheapest hosting in India, I will suggest Merahost because if you are a beginner then you don’t need to spend a lot of money in the startup of your website. Click below to choose your hosting plan

If you are a new blogger or wants to know some more about related to this article we highly recommend you to comment below with your website URL, we will try to best respond very soon.

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