[Top 5] Best SEO tools for blogger to easily rank your website.

Always wonder which SEO tool will be the best for your SEO strategies? And did not find the right tool. Don’t worry because we bring up a list of best SEO tools for blogger and will be really helpful to rank your article and get traffic to your website.



The first tool on this list is called seedkeywords.com. This is the best seo tool for blogger. Most keyword research tools work the exact same way, enter a seed keyword into a tool and get a list of suggestions. The problem with this approach is this, everyone types the same exact seed keywords into these tools. No wonder most keywords are super competitive.

That’s where Seed Keywords comes in. It helps you sidestep this problem. Instead of pulling seed keywords out of thin air, you actually ask customers how they’d find you online. Then you use those seed keywords in a traditional keyword research tool. For example, let’s say that you run an online flower delivery e-commerce site.

Well, you’d use Seed Keywords to create what’s called a scenario. Basically, you ask people how they would search for what you sell, then send that scenario to people and if you’re like me, you’ll be surprised at the responses that you get.

Well, you’d use Seed Keywords to create what’s called a scenario. Basically, you ask people how they would search for what you sell, then send that scenario to people and if you’re like me, you’ll be surprised at the responses that you get.


serperator free online seo tools site

Next free SEO tool, SERPerator.

As you probably know, the search results change dramatically, depending on where you are and the device that you’re using. And this tool helps you check out the search results across different locations and devices. All you need to do is specify your device and location and you’ll see exactly how the results will look for someone searching from that location, using that device.

Exploding Topics

exploding topics free online seo tools

You probably already know that finding new trending keywords is an SEO goldmine and it’s simple math. If you target an old keyword, they’re gonna be more blog posts, articles, YouTube videos and content in general, that you have to compete with.

But when you target new keywords that are trending up, you get in early before the search results get super competitive. For example, a while back, I wrote a post optimized around the keyword, Mobile SEO. Back when that keyword was relatively new.

Even though that keyword didn’t have a ton of searches yet, I knew that Google had been rolling out updates that penalize sites that weren’t mobile-optimized, which meant that searches for that keyword were primed to explode.

And because I got in super early, I was able to carve out a top three ranking for this growing term, a ranking that I still hold to this day.

The question is, how do you find these new trending terms?

Well, you could use Google Trends but the issue with Google Trends is that you already need to know what you’re looking for.

In other words, Google Trends is great for confirming a trend on a keyword that you already know about, but it’s not really helpful for coming up with new trends and topics. Enter Exploding Topics. With exploding topics, you get a list of new trending keywords presented to you on a silver platter.

And the tool has a database of trending topics across several different industries, including health, fitness, marketing, fashion, consumer products, and more.

LSI Graph.

lsi graph seo tools

You’ve probably heard of LSI keywords before.

They’re basically words and phrases that are closely related to your main keyword and when you include these terms in your content, Google sees your content as comprehensive, which can give you a nice little rankings boost.

For example, let’s say your target keyword is “Star Wars.” LSI keywords for “Star Wars” would be things like Luke Skywalker, Jedi, Princess Leia, and the Millennium Falcon.

So, how do you find LSI keywords? A very cool free tool called LSI Graph. Just enter your target keyword into the tool and you’ll get a list of LSI keywords that you can sprinkle into your content.


ubersuggest free seo tools

What Ubersuggest allows you to do is to find more keywords to go after.
The thing with SEO is you need more keywords.

The more keywords you’re targeting, the more potential traffic you can get. You’ll find that you already rank for certain keywords over time, or you are going to rank for certain keywords over time.

As you find out what keywords you’re ranking for, what’s driving your traffic, you should put those keywords into Ubersuggest. It’ll show you all the long-tail variations of those keywords.

For example, I rank for best SEO tools for blogger on page one of Google. By putting in the “best seo tools for blogger” into Ubersuggest, It’ll show me all the other similar terms to “best SEO tools for blogger”. And because I rank for the head term, Ubersuggest is providing me the long-tail terms. These are three, four, five-word phrases.

By integrating these three, four, five-word phrases onto my content, that web page that already ranks for digital marketing, I’ll find as well as I’ll quickly start ranking for all the long-tail terms within 30 days. To do this, you need to take those keywords that are relevant to your article and integrate them in.

Sometimes you can just add in those keywords, other times you’ll have to expand upon your content to make it flow and make all sense.

FAQ About SEO Tools

  1. What is the best SEO tools for WordPress website

    Basically, if you are searching for SEO tools then we always recommend you to buy paid tools, because every time you use free SEO tools and after then you are not getting the results maybe you will be disappointed about your SEO strategy. If you are a beginner then you can go with free seo tools as well.

  2. What is the best free SEO tools

    When there are a thousand of tools where you can use for free SEO tools, there are three common free seo tools, Google search console, Google Analytics and Google page speed insights.

  3. Free SEO tools online for WordPress and Blogger blog

    I will recommend you some free SEO tools that you can use online for your wordpress and Blogger free blog, which is totally free to use, structured data plugin for WordPress, MozCast, Google search console, Bing Webmaster to Check errors and indexability

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