How to Get Ahead in Bloggers with Online Blog – Simple Guide to Start a blog February 10, 2021 by Anil Patil

In this article, I am going to explain to you that how you can start a blog with the minimum amount of investment, As far as free is concerned, it is probably too time consuming for you. still, you can start a blog even on WordPress which will fit your budget.

Some of the most people ask me to start a blog for free in my suggestions I said Yes,

If you have a lot of time to learn about how to get the expert stuff. It means, after all, there are a Thousand types of ways where you can start your free blog of course if you have a long age (Lambi Umra)

So hello my name is Anil Patil and in this article, I will show you how you can create a blog without investing too much money.

So Let’s start from purchasing a new domain to installing your WordPress blog.


Purchasing Your New Domain

Well, when it comes to buying a new domain, your mind first comes to Godaddy. Am I right?

Because when I was a beginner, And when I needed the domain, at the first attempt, I really go for GoDaddy to find my domain.

Of course, whenever you feel to buy a new domain you will go on Godaddy to searching your new domain else it is available or taken already. If we talk about a new domain then you can purchase it around Rs.700 to Rs.800 (maybe changed according to your domain registrar)

So let’s get an average of your first investment in Domain Rs.800


A Perfect Hosting (Rented Server)

A perfect hosting means that fit your budget and as a beginner, a responsive and optimised server where you can start your blog without any server-side problems.

Don’t worry if you haven’t any perfect hosting for your next blog I will also give you the best recommendation for you.



Merahost 🙂

Go and purchase for your plan.

The blog you are reading is also Hosted on Merahost! So Go for it!!!

You Can Start With at Just Rs.350/month

If you are new, then buying hosting for a long time is not right for you, which also Said by Merahost CEO “Ranjan Chatterjee



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