Start Blog with WordPress & Optimized SEO Plugins and themes

In this article, I am going to explain to you that how you can start a blog with the minimum amount of investment, As far as free is concerned, it is probably too time consuming for you. still, you can start a blog even on WordPress which will fit your budget.

This is not only for your first wordpress blog setup it’s about how you can set up your first blog with SEO optimized plugin and theme without investing use amount of money. Please skip installation process, if you already installed your WordPress blog.


Some of the most people ask me to start a blog for free, in my suggestions I said Yes,

If you have a lot of time to learn about how to get the expert stuff. It means, after all, there are a Thousand types of ways where you can start your free blog of course if you have a long age (Lambi Umra)

So hello my name is Anil Patil and in this article, I will show you how you can create a blog without investing too much money.

So Let’s start from purchasing a new domain to installing your WordPress blog.


How to install WordPress

This steps for beginner if you don’t know about how to install wordpress in your server with new domain, please follow this simple steps start your new wordpress blog.


New Domain

Well, when it comes to buying a new domain, your mind first comes to Godaddy. Am I right?

Because when I was a beginner, And when I needed the domain, at the first attempt, I really go for GoDaddy to find my domain.

Of course, whenever you feel to buy a new domain you will go on Godaddy to searching your new domain else it is available or taken already. If we talk about a new domain then you can purchase it around Rs.700 to Rs.800 (maybe changed according to your domain registrar)

So let’s get an average of your first investment in Domain Rs.800


Shared Hosting (Rented Server)

A perfect hosting means that fit your budget and as a beginner, shared hosting is the best way to start a blog with cheap hosting. select a responsive and optimized server where you can start your blog without any server-side problems.



Don’t worry if you haven’t any perfect hosting for your next blog I will also give you the best recommendation for you.



Merahost 🙂

Go and purchase for your plan.

The blog you are reading is also Hosted on Merahost! So Go for it!!!

You Can Start With at Just Rs.350/month

If you are new, then buying hosting for a long time is not right for you, which also Said by Merahost CEO “Ranjan Chatterjee

This way can save your most time and money to start with wordpress you have to keep in mind some steps before starting your new blog. Follow some simple steps to start.

  • New Daman
  • Shared hosting
  • WordPress

You need this 3 things to start your blog. Which is paid there is a small investment to get start and after you have successfully ranked on google results, then you already know about what’s the next!


  How to Create Blog on WordPress

This is a very simple step to create your first blog on WordPress, just install wordpress on your hosting and link to your domain thats it!! Hear the simple step will guide you to build a complete successful blog on WordPress.


1. Login to Your Hosting Account

If you already purchased your hosting then you have to login first to see your services in your account, by clicking your services/products you can find your purchased server,


Make Sure you already parked your Domain with  your hosting nameservers.


2. Install Your WordPress into Hosting

Nurse step number 2 years you have to install WordPress India server this is very simple steps, the wordpress script is also available on Softaculous, you can also browse and your hosting. Just install your WordPress.

install wordpress blog setup


3. Create Your First Post

After Creating your wordpress setup, you have to create a new post bi login in your dashboard.

wp dashbaord create a blog on wordpress

Next article we are going to cover how you can buy cheapest domain and hosting, please comment your queries about this article so we can expand it according your questions.

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