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5 Ways to Write Affiliate articles for products marketing by content writing

So this time, I would like to introduce the points amazon affiliate content writing to make an article that sells well! With clear examples to write affiliate articles, posts content for you niche sites.


  • How To Write Content For Affiliate Marketing That Ranks
  • Content writing examples and demos
  • Best way to Earn with affiliate marketing
  • How to write post fro product to sell online

Attitudes for writing affiliate articles

affiliate content writing

There are three things to keep in mind when writing an article that sells .

  • Write with a clear target
  • Make an article strong against SEO
  • Writing articles that are close to the user

These three will be important in writing an article. Let’s take a closer look at what that means!

Write with a clear target

Targeting is the first important thing in writing an article. Basically, writing an article with a clear target will make the article easier to sell. For example, in the case of the My Gadgets And Tech site that I run, the target is set as follows.

  • I want to reduce the time of people’s for search true review
  • Among the cheap Gadgets, I am interested in Tech
  • I want to change my current broken phone to new one

By narrowing down the target in this way, we will create an article / site that will surely be read by the target person. Some people may feel that targeting will result in a loss, but targeting has the advantage of making it easier to conclude because it is easier to catch a strong reader without having to contend with a strong player.

On the other hand, writing an article for a wide range of targets creates the potential to attract a large number of people, but the larger the keyword, the more you are forced to fight against the powerful. Therefore, it is often difficult to generate profits. Therefore, it is recommended that you first write the article in a targeted manner.

Make an article strong against SEO

Articles should not be written in the dark clouds (article after number 50 page on Google results). In order to make an article that can be earned by affiliates, it is necessary to be able to display it at the top on search engines (Google, Yahoo! Bing, etc.). For that purpose,

Let’s create an article with SEO measures (measures to display high ranking in search results) in mind.

  1. Keywords: Does it match the search?
  2. Speciality: Is the theme unified?
  3. Comprehensive: Is the information exhaustive and does not need to be withdrawn?
  4. Authority: Is it objectively evaluated?
  5. User experience: Is the content satisfying the reader?

These things are important in SEO. And of these five, keywords and user experience are the most important factors. In the next chapter, I will summarize in detail the tips for making an article that is strong against SEO with these two in mind.

Writing articles that are close to the user

The best way to create an article that is affiliated, SEO-friendly, and easy to sell is to be close to the user.

  1. Can you solve the user’s worries?
  2. Is the text easy for the user to understand?
  3. Is the necessary information covered?

While checking whether these factors are satisfied, let’s make it while carefully examining whether the article is really useful for the user. If it helps the user, the bounce rate will decrease and the staying time will increase, so it will be easier to be ranked high in SEO as an article with a good user experience.

How to write articles that are strong against SEO

Write SEO friendly articles

Now, I will show you how to write an article that is strong against SEO. However, the method is simple, just make the content easy for users to understand while being aware of the keywords.

Include keywords in titles and headlines

First, it is SEO’s rule to include keywords in article titles and headlines. Elements such as “title“, “h1“, and “h2” are of particular importance to Google when judging the content of an article. Google is a machine, so you can’t read articles.

That’s why we determine what keywords are included in the title and headline and return the article closest to what the user wants in the search results.

If you want your articles to be ranked higher with the keyword “affiliate”, include the affiliate keyword in both the title and headline. In addition, we recommend the beginning of the title/headline as the place to enter the keyword. This will make it easier for users to find the keyword and make the title easier to click in the search results.

How to Write content for affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is cycle chain for products and services from person to person, it may direct or indirect. affiliate marketing basically refers to promoting or otherwise “featuring” products. Lets see some affiliate content writing examples for ecommerce sites, Like Amazon, Filpkart, Ebay etc where you can choose affiliate content ideas to get start.

Affiliate Content examples and ideas

Make the text simple and easy for anyone to understand . This is because sentences that are easy to read and understand are less likely to be dismissed by readers (negative evaluation in SEO) and are more likely to lead to product purchases. As a device to make it easy to understand, I am working on the following.

  • Do not use demonstratives
  • Don’t use a lot of jargon
  • Speak from the conclusion

First of all, try to avoid using demonstratives as much as possible. It’s words like “that”, “it”, and “this”. Articles are skipped by some people, unlike colloquialism, so if you use demonstratives indiscriminately, it is more likely that your readers will not be able to keep up with the content. Therefore, be sure to replace the demonstrative with another word.

Also, the heavy use of jargon is not good. Readers may not know the jargon, and some people may not want to read it when there are a lot of difficult words. Be careful as it increases the risk of withdrawal. If you really use jargon, it might be a good idea to include commentary and annotations to help the reader understand.

And it is also important to speak from the conclusion. This is because articles with invisible conclusions give readers a roundabout impression and are prone to withdrawal. The reader’s understanding will be deeper if you write from the conclusion rather than talking round and round.

Be aware of the article structure

The opening is the very first introductory part of the article. Here, let’s sympathize with the reader’s worries and show that there is a solution in the article. That way, you can show your readers what’s in the article and whether it’s worth reading.

Add decoration to your articles

Ideally, you should be careful when formatting your articles. In order to make the article as easy to read as possible, we recommend that you make an effort to incorporate the following article decorations.

  1. Emphasize letters
  2. Underline the letters and add headings
  3. Insert at least two photo
  4. Organize in lists and tables

Incorporating decorations in this way makes it easier to understand what you want to convey and helps you understand the article even more. On the contrary, if you do not design the information, the reader will not receive it easily. If it is just a list of letters, it will not read the text.

It takes a little time and effort, so it tends to be skipped, but you should definitely work on it.


I have summarized how to write affiliate articles. If you write with these points in mind, you should end up with an article that is strong in SEO and is liked by readers.

Also, the more articles you write, the easier it is to make good ones . At first, it was difficult for me to write articles, but as I wrote 10 articles and 100 articles, my writing skills improved little by little. Even beginners who are just starting out may find it difficult to write good articles from the beginning, but as you work through the numbers, your ability to write articles will become more sophisticated.

It would be good if you could write a lot of articles and practice while keeping in mind the points introduced this time.

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