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Huge Affect after Link ads retired from Google Adsense

For the past several years, we have been using the Link ads Unit on our websites. But this update of Google Adsense has put everyone’s earnings in difficulty after the link ad unit retired.

And the earnings of many people have become negligible. Because most clicks are on the link Ad itself.

There is no harm to many of them, but there is a lot of damage to those who used it.

Adsense link ad unit 2021

As it is, a good update in a way for better advertising expertise and that it does not have any effect for those who do not use it anymore.

Deference in reports after Link Ads Unit Retired

Link ads 2021 adsense

In case of clicks, there will be a lot of flow down in the Google Adsense report who are using most of the link ads in their websites. Click may decrease after reflecting ad type on their web page or post.

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Google AdSense Link Ads Retiring
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