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Search Google for Shortcut Chrome – Shortcuts for fast browsing

Last time when I am searching for Chrome shortcuts specially shortcut for search anything without right-clicking and search Google for ‘word’. Because writing an article needs to search multiple keywords for keyword research it’s my important part of SEO work. And even with so many shortcuts, I will need to every time to fast my work. In this article, I am going to share the top shortcuts for the Google Chrome browser. I am not sure about other browsers so let’s start


Shortcut to search google for selected text

In Chrome, you can highlight some text on a web page and use the right-click context menu to open a google search for the selected text in a new tab.

It would be super convenient if I could access this feature using a keyboard shortcut instead of the right-click menu.

It’s very simple to search selected text on Google without right-clicking, check it out

Google search chrome shortcut


Shortcut search Google for selected text

  1. Just select the text from the webpage
  2. Press CRT + T a new tab opened with highlight text on Google.
  3. That How you Can Search On Google Without Right-Clicking 

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