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Paytm Users can’t redeem for Paytm First Point in wallet

Last time when I transferred paytm payments amount into another bank and got 4500 paytm first points.

I was shocked and thought that I can redeem paytm first points in my paytm wallet.

But after all when i check for redeem points there was no option to redeem paytm first points in paytm wallet redemption.

I thought it may any other option because as i knew that i can get Rs.50 in paytm wallet from redemption of 500 paytm first points.

But after, i dont able to get that points into wallet or cashback anymore.

Did you agreed that we are not able to get more get cashback and offers in 2021 like before?

If you yes, please put scroll a bit and put your thoughts of paytm updates since 2020 i comment box below.

Paytm Users Couldn’t able to Redeem Paytm First Points

Recently, paytm are focusing on services where their users can get more out benefits from using online transactions.

Paytm first points redeem in paytm wallet
Paytm first points deals

Inshort, i dont even use one of them. Specifically in 2021 – Year of CoVId-19 Pandemic.

Whats your opinion, stay at home be safe.


Paytm first points convert to cash or wallet balance 

Well, at the end now we can redeem paytm first points but not in wallet or cash lolz, as our reader SUHAS S SHETTY commented, People are being fooled as usual. Useless vouchers (from their merchants) are being given in the name of coupons and cashback.


  1. Whatever this guy has mentioned is 100% true. In the name of paytm first points people are just fooled. And their 24*7 helpline is pathetic. Absolutely useless

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