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Have you ever tried to see a WhatsApp messages that was removed as soon as the sender delivered it to you? Yes, you may still read, ‘WhatsApp deleted messages’ even if the sender selects the delete for everyone option. In his article, I will explain some simple as advance whatsapp tricks and tips on How to see a deleted messages on WhatsApp for Android and iPhone.

How to read deleted message on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is developing a self-destructing message for private talks. The function is now available to Android beta users and should be available to all users very shortly. For a long time, Group conversations have had the delete for everyone capability. This feature allows users to remove a sent message once a certain amount of time has passed.

Yet, there are several ways for seeing WhatsApp deleted messages on Android. However, the official WhatsApp does not have this functionality, you must utilize a third-party program to do so. This third-party application is inoperable for iPhone users. I have created some basic procedures to ensure that you have no difficulties with the procedure. Let’s get started.

5 Simple Steps to see a deleted message on WhatsApp

deleted message on WhatsApp
How to see the deleted message on WhatsApp?

Step 1: Installing a third party application

You must obtain a third-party application from the Google Play store. Download any notification history saver application from the app store. Notisave is one of the greatest and safest applications, with the most downloads and positive feedback.

Step 2: Application setup

After installing the application, give the required rights. The Notisave app will require access to read notifications, images, media, and files, as well as the ability to toggle the auto-start option. The app will begin recording every notification you’ve received, including WhatsApp messages.

Step 3: Open Notisave

When you open the program, you will see all deleted messages and notifications. Notisave also allows you to react to messages without leaving the app. The app may also be used to read alerts that you have mistakenly swiped away.

Step 4: Read deleted messages

If the sender deletes the WhatsApp messages after you complete the setup, you will be able to view them using the Notisave app. This app will make no modifications to your current WhatsApp messenger.

The app only reads WhatsApp deleted messages and missed notifications; other items such as photographs, videos, and audio are not restored. This application also includes a paid membership for Rs. 65 per month, or you may use the free version if you don’t mind the adds pop-ups.

How to See deleted WhatsApp message without any third-party app?

You may still read deleted messages without using any third-party software. The new version of Android 11 includes a notification history saver feature. You must allow notification history saver even if the receiver has erased them. It is also entirely free to use.

Here’s how to activate notification history on your Android 11 phone. To see previously deleted WhatsApp messages Navigate to Settings > App & Notifications > Notification History > Enable Notification History toggle button. All future alerts, including WhatsApp messages, will be displayed on this page.

Follow the same methods to read deleted messages. You will be able to stack anything from the last 24 hours against all other notifications. Remember to keep your mobile data turned on at all times.

Read deleted WhatsApp message from GB WhatsApp

Many people choose GBWhatsApp because of its advanced features such as the option to cancel last seen, the option to conceal message sent, and the option to conceal read receipts. This application is not available on the Play Store; you must obtain it from another source. Many customers complain that GB WhatsApp is unsafe and steals the majority of their personal information. Although it is not a secure alternative, if you are a fan of GBWhatsApp and utilize it, you may access deleted WhatsApp messages via it. Go to GBSettings -> Open Log to get there. You will discover all of the logs, such as the database, cache, and so on. Make a note of the path to the log file and look for your message there.


We prefer to utilize the Android 11 built-in functionality to view WhatsApp deleted messages rather than any third-party application because they all have security flaws. Please leave a comment if you like the post.

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