The Google Pixel 6 will be launched with a new Pixel Stand wireless charger

The Pixel 6 series, based on the leaks we’ve seen thus far, will appear unlike any Pixel phone before it. Google appears to be working on a second-generation Pixel Stand with fans to match the premium Pixel 6, implying quicker charging speeds.

The Pixel Stand, a 10W wireless charger introduced by Google in 2018, was the first and only Qi charger to allow 10W charging on the Pixel 3 and 3 XL at the time. Pixel Stand also allows you to use your device as a digital frame for Google Photos and even as a pseudo-Smart Display with voice access to the Google Assistant by holding it at a convenient angle for desk viewing.

Google Wireless Charger Pixel 6
Google Wireless Charger Pixel 6

Google has continually enhanced the Pixel Stand’s capabilities when used with Pixel phones over the years. The Pixel Stand received convenient access to Android 11’s “Device Controls” menu to effortlessly manage your smart home as the sunrise alarm — which wakes you up by gently illuminating your screen in the morning — became a broader Google Clock function.

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Our Dylan Roussel noticed that work on a new Made by Google wireless charger has begun after digging into code from Android 12 Beta 2. Given the timeframe, we assume this Pixel Stand replacement will be released alongside the Pixel 6.

We discovered that, depending on a variety of conditions, the fan profiles will be used to speed up, slow down, or stop the fans entirely. For example, if you say “Hey Google,” the fans will quiet down for a few moments so that they can better interpret your voice command, and most apps that use your microphone will do the same.

Pixel 6 Wireless Charger

The inclusion of cooling fans to better drain heat from both the phone and the charger itself is the most important new feature we’ve identified. The original Pixel Stand can provide up to 10W of wireless charging without overheating. This could hint that the Pixel Stand’s second iteration will be capable of faster charging. Another wireless charger that uses fans is the OnePlus Warp charger, which can deliver up to 50W, but Samsung has used fans in chargers as low as 10W.

Aside from that, it looks you’ll be able to manually select between “Auto,” “Quiet,” and “Power Boost” on the charger. The new Pixel Stand’s fans will spin substantially faster in Power Boost mode, possibly to compensate for a quicker-than-normal charge rate.

The only other piece of information we have about this new Made by Google wireless charger is the codename “Luxuryliner.” Given that the 2018 Pixel Stand is nicknamed “Dreamliner,” it’s safe to assume that the Pixel Stand branding will be carried over to this new charger. It’s unclear whether the “Luxury” part of the name refers to the premium build or features of this future Pixel Stand.