Truth Behind Afghanistan minister Pizza Delivery Boy Story

A previous Afghanistan minister is alleged to have worked as a pizza delivery boy.

Syed Ahmad Shah Sadaat, the former acting minister of communications and information technology in Afghanistan, is allegedly seen delivering pizzas for work in photos circulated on social media.

“Former IT and Communication Minister of Afghanistan Syed Sadat was observed delivering pizza in Leipzig, Germany,” reads the description on the photographs posted on Reddit.

The Fact : Sadaat relocated to Germany and then found job, according to the German publication Leipziger Volkszeitung.

Sadaat talked about his profession after leaving Afghanistan in an interview with Josa Mania-Schlegel.

“I live a modest life now,” Sadaat stated in an interview about working for the delivery firm Lieferando.

There are still a few pages on the official MCIT website that mention Sadaat.

Sadaat’s post, which was initially written in Pashto, said: “Despite having two master’s degrees, a bachelor’s degree, and twenty years of professional experience, I did not speak German and was unable to find work in my field in Germany. God created man to labour and worship, thus we must work in order to progress in life.”