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Want to Upgrade Windows 11? Buy a new Computer

As Windows 11 approaches its release date in 2021, Microsoft is hinting that PC users may need to upgrade to a new device in order to keep Windows up to date.

According to The Verge, Microsoft previously stated that while Windows 11 has hardware requirements, users would be able to install the operating system on any PC capable of handling it.

However, Microsoft unveiled Windows 11 for the first time. The computing behemoth revealed the minimum hardware requirements for installing the new operating system on your machine in its announcement. According to those specifications, Windows 11 would only work on PCs that had an Intel 8th Generation processor, which was introduced in 2017, or later released hardware.

Those minimums appear to influence solely automated updates. Users with older PCs can still download Windows 11 and install it manually. A minor one-time annoyance isn’t a big concern, and this is especially true if you’re not in the market for a new computer.

However, it’s unclear whether the manual installation option will also apply to updates at this time.

Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 10, has been available for more than six years. The introduction of a new operating system, particularly one that has garnered positive feedback thus far, is a positive step. It is not reasonable to expect consumers with computers that are only a few years old to purchase a brand new computer.

It’ll be fascinating to watch if Microsoft alters its mind as a result of the certification process.

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