Red Light Camera Ticket in Chicago: What Happens If a Violation Affects the Wrong Car and Plate?

Written by Anil Patil, Published on October 21, 2021 5:06 pm, GMT+0530

Red Light Camera Ticket in Chicago: What Happens If a Violation Affects the Wrong Car and Plate?

“When the Mazda Miata was first released, I wanted a Mazda Miata. They also released the car in yellow a few years after the first release. “A yellow Miata was my dream car at the time,” Greg tells NBC 5 Responds.


How to check if i got a red light ticket in illinois

In 2018, he finally found his dream car at a North Carolina dealership. He was issued AW90469 Illinois licence plates and drove the car home. However, just a few weeks later, he replaced those state-issued licence plates with vanity plates that read “Fynaly,” a nod to finally getting his dream car.


Fast forward two years to October 2020, when the suburban father unexpectedly received a red light ticket violation notice in his mailbox from the city of Chicago.


“The picture of the car was of a car I don’t own, so I’m just looking at it, wondering, ‘How on Earth did somebody get my licence plate?'” he recalled. Especially since Greg kept the original plates when his new vanity plates arrived in 2018, and both of those plates are still in his garage.

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Greg claims he contacted Chicago’s Department of Finance to explain his situation, and they advised him to obtain a letter of confirmation from the Secretary of State’s office. He did so, and then included the confirmation letter in his appeal to the Department of Finance.


“I figured getting this information back, [the licence plate number] is no longer mine,


But then another letter arrived in the mail from the city of Chicago, telling him that his hearing request could not be considered because the ticket had already “reached final determination status,” and as a result, the fine had doubled to $200. Greg then turned to NBC 5 Responds for assistance.


What happens if you don t pay a red light ticket in illinois


“Knowing that I’m not responsible for the ticket; I didn’t run the red light, and just the number of phone calls, on-hold wait times, and trying to get back and hear back from different people…”It’s just very frustrating, and I’m getting more and more angry by the day,” he says.


NBC 5 Responds discovered the red light with the assistance of the Illinois Secretary of State’s office.

Kristen Cabanban, a spokesperson for the Department of Finance, stated, “Motorists are encouraged to contest their tickets if they believe they were issued in error.”


“The new administration has a taste for that sweet, sweet camera money.” And it’s difficult to turn off that spigot,” says Jacie Zolna, the lead attorney in a class action lawsuit against the city of Chicago over red-light cameras.

Between 2010 and 2015, the city was accused of failing to provide adequate notice to red light camera violators, which resulted in a $38.75 million settlement.

Almost four years after the settlement, Zolna believes the system still favours drivers.

“That’s how the system is set up. It’s intended to make it difficult for people to contest a ticket, and there are so many obstacles and burdens placed on someone to contest a simple ticket that most people just give up,” he says.


In Chicago, there are 300 red light cameras located at 149 intersections. According to the city’s data portal, 3,350,115 red light violations were issued between January 2015 and February 9, 2021, providing a significant source of revenue for Chicago.

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“Fine and ticket money account for nearly 10% of the city’s total budget.” “That’s a colossal percentage of the city’s revenue — $400 million projected [in 2021],” he says.

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