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Over 100 YouTube channels have been hacked in attempt to conduct a cryptocurrency mining scam.

Tech News: A phishing attempt targeting YouTube content producers is described in a recent investigation from Google’s Threat Analysis department. Youtube Channel are rapidly hacking due to illegal content violation with cryptos.

YouTube did not disclose the security breach, but according to the article, it found its employees on a Russian-language discussion board.

Cookie theft attacks require more effort and are more expensive than standard phishing schemes, and they are only effective if the user does not clear their cookies before the hacker can use the login cookies on their end. Using login session cookies, on the other hand, fully eliminates the requirement to log in.

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Cookie theft, like other phishing and malware attacks, requires victims to install malicious files or software on their computers.

Some of the “partnerships” involved assessing VPNs, anti-virus software, or video games sent to YouTubers as “gifts.” When the YouTuber consented to test the product, the hackers sent malware-infected files that gathered YouTube channel login cookies.

Once the hackers had obtained the cookies, they could take control of the channel without needing the channel’s username or password.

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That’s great news for people who were duped by the scam, but these figures highlight how common (and dangerous) phishing attempts are. That’s why we always advise individuals to enable 2FA on all of their accounts. Also Read: YouTube Videos SEO Complete Guide: Video SEO For Rank on Youtube

The well-planned garden isn’t flourishing for a variety of reasons.

Yes, but this phishing attempt demonstrates that 2FA protection can be circumvented—no cybersecurity feature is 100% secure.

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