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Windows 11: How to launch Android apps from the Google Play Store explained

While you may now run apps from Amazon’s Android Store, you were previously limited to what was accessible there, as opposed to the hundreds of thousands of apps available on Google’s store.

Thousands of games, productivity applications, and other social networking apps are now available to operate on your laptop or tablet thanks to a developer tutorial published over the weekend.

Windows 11 google play store download
Windows 11 Apps Screen

However, if customers install Android on their Windows 11 devices, the benefits of a larger app store may expose additional opportunities in the future for both Microsoft and Google.

Amazon debuted Android apps for Windows 11 via the Insider programme last week, and a developer has already unlocked Google’s Play Store, allowing you to run any app on Microsoft’s operating system.

Android Apps in Windows 11 (Google Play Store)

Access Google Play Store apps on your Windows 11 PC, such as YouTube, Pinterest, Whatsapp, and Facebook. The YouTube video they provide is simple to follow, and you’ll be running your Android apps alongside Paint, Snipping Tool, and other Windows 11 tools in no time.

However, we should point you that this may not be available for long, as Microsoft will most likely remove access to the store.

Run Google play android apps in windows 11

At the moment, the only option to use Android apps on a Windows 11 tablet is through the Microsoft Store or Amazon’s App Store library.

It does, however, enable the use of games and productivity programmes on Windows 11 tablets and laptops that aren’t available through Amazon.

CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella Announced

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has long campaigned for Windows and other software to be made available as a service on more platforms, so this makes perfect sense.

When the Surface Duo 2 runs Android, there isn’t much of a disadvantage for either company. However, it is feasible that people all over the world will respond positively to Android apps in the Microsoft Store, and that collaboration may eventually occur.

Regardless, it’s an exciting moment to see Microsoft and Google clash.

Consumers will eventually decide whether they want to see more of their favourite Android apps on Windows 11.

It goes without saying that the Google Play Store has less limits on the types of apps that can be downloaded. From emulators that can run systems from years ago to ports of games that haven’t been approved by the originals’ developers.

Many people would find it appealing to be able to play these on their Windows 11 device.

Amazon’s App Store contains around 60,000 apps, but Google Play Store contains nearly three million apps. When compared to what is offered in Now’s shop, it may shift the balances in favour of what buyers want to install on their PC. Also Read: Parallels desktop to run Windows 11 in your Mac

However, when Microsoft and Google collaborate, it may provide an unexpected benefit in the future.