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The Apple Monterey Upgrade seems to to be causing Intel Macs to brick

Monterey is a Mac operating system. Connect in ways you’ve never experienced before. There have been some exciting FaceTime updates. Safari has been completely revamped. New and powerful ways to collaborate across devices. There’s a lot more.
Latest mac os version: According to MacRumors, a large number of Apple Support Communities users are reporting that their Macs shut down and refused to restart during the process.
I’ve been getting messages saying “your system has run out of application memory” since I downloaded Monterey. This has only happened since Monterey was downloaded. When looking at the activity monitor pages, it appears to be the main culprit, consuming 18 GB or more! Is this a sign of a memory leak in Pages with the Monterey operating system? It makes no difference if you restart.
If you’re thinking of updating your MacBook or iMac to macOS Monterey (aka macOS 12), you might want to hold off for now, since a rising number of people are reporting bricked Mac devices as a result of the upgrade.

How to Fix a Stuck Mac (Repair)

There are numerous errors that they must correct from the beginning to the end of the installation process.

In most cases, bringing your bricked MacBook, iMac, or Mac mini to your local Apple Store’s Genius Bar is the best solution.

If you’re willing to do some troubleshooting on your own, one user on Apple Support Communities claims to have been able to resurrect a bricked Intel-based Mac by booting it up on another machine that was running the latest operating system.

The method necessitates the use of Apple Configurator 2 to update the firmware on the T2 Security Chip on a bricked Intel-based Mac.

Apple’s Genius Bar personnel will be able to perform this for you because most customers do not have a second operating computer on hand.

You should proceed with caution because if the revival procedure fails, you’ll have to restore your Mac using Apple Configurator 2, which will wipe out your internal flash storage.

Back up your Mac to an external drive using Time Machine before attempting the macOS Monterey upgrade.