Here’s How To Get Free Disney+ Hotstar From Vodafone-Idea Packs

Free Disney plus subscription

Get Free Disney+ Hotstar With Vodafone-Idea Packs: Once again, Vodafone-Idea has made modifications and eliminated one more prepaid bundle from its marketplace. The Rs. 501 plan has been discontinued by the company.

In fact, the pack has been deleted from its website, and access to Disney+ Hotstar is now more expensive via Vodafone-Idea prepaid packs.

Vodafone-Idea Prepaid Packs With Disney+ Hotstar Access

Let’s take a look at the Rs. 901 plan, which provides consumers with one year of access to Disney+ Hotstar. It includes 3GB of data each day, 100 SMS per day, and 70 days of unlimited calling.

Furthermore, subscribers receive Binge All Night between 12 a.m. and 6 a.m. without any deduction, Weekend Data Rollover, Vi Movies & TV, and Data Delights, which delivers up to 2 GB of backup data every month at no extra cost.

The other pack comes under the high-end segment and is priced at Rs. 3,099. This pack ships with unlimited calling, 1.5GB of data per day, and 100 messages per day. This pack is valid for 365 days and offers benefits like Disney+ Hotstar for one year.

It includes Data Delights (up to 2GB of backup data every month without any extra cost), Binge All Night between 12 midnight and 6 am without any deduction, Weekend Data Rollover, and Weekend Data Rollover.

Vodafone-Idea Removes Three Disney+ Hotstar Packs

Vodafone Idea, India’s third-largest telecom, removed Rs. 501, Rs. 601, and Rs. 701 plans from its website and app earlier this week. For 28 days, the Rs. 501 provided 3GB of data per day plus 16GB of additional data, unlimited voice calls, and 100 SMS.

The Rs. 601 data add-on pack provides only 75GB of data and no additional benefits. Furthermore, this pack has no expiration date, so you can use the data until it expires.

Finally, for Rs. 701, you could get 3GB of data per day + 32GB of extra data, unlimited voice calls, and 100 SMS per day for 56 days. It’s worth noting that all telecom companies are altering their prepaid plans in order to boost revenue from their packs and services.