Radhe Shyam Movie with Prabhas and Pooja hegde been postponed?

According to the Radhe Shyam crew, the film starring Prabhas and Pooja hegde will arrive on the same day as previously mentioned, on January 14, 2022. It has now been decided to postpone the film due to an increase in reports of COVID new version Omicron. An Indian film, Radhe Shyam, has been co-produced by T Series, an established production company.

COVID cases are on the rise, and states like Delhi and West Bengal have decided to shut down their cinema theatres as a result, among other things.

The makers of Radhe Shyam will not be able to proceed with the film’s release in light of this uncertain situation. T Series owner Bhushan Kumar, according to reports, has apparently taken the decision to delay the release of Radhe Shyam.

As a pan-India film, the team cannot take a suicidal risk by going through with the film if there is no audience in the theatres.

Radhe Shyam team will formally announce it in the near future. Immediately following the RRR team’s decision to delay the release, they have now made this change. Rumors have it that they’re aiming for an April release date, but that hasn’t been confirmed.