Quick Tips: Increase instagram followers with 10 free ideas

Written by Anil Patil, Published on March 3, 2022 12:38 pm, GMT+0530

Quick Tips: Increase instagram followers with 10 free ideas

Ii you want to increase the followers of Instagram! But don’t know what to do specifically. here anil patil author from indiaztech.com and today we cover “How to get Instagram followers for free“, “increase instagram followers tricks that works in 2022“. So fly with me to boost your instagram fans.

This is a must-see for those who say, “I added tagging and location information on Instagram, but my followers don’t increase …” ! In order to increase the number of followers on Instagram, it is actually important to hold down three tips on social media platforms. We will also show you how to increase your followers effectively and easily!


Three basic tips to increase followers

  1. The trick is to value “one-on-one encounters and communication”
  2. Stick to how you show yourself
  3. Target
3 tips to increase followers on Instagram!
3 tips to increase followers on Instagram!


The more Instagram followers you have, the more people you want to convey.


1. Get users to like it

On Instagram, the trick is to value “one-on-one encounters and communication .”

What kind of people do you want to follow when you use Instagram normally?

For example, when starting Instagram as SNS marketing for companies and stores, it is easy to create something like an “official account” with the company logo as an icon.
Therefore, if you put a sense of purpose in giving an “official feeling” , there is a possibility that the number of followers will not increase.


Instagram followers sympathize with your account and follow you when you like it.
The follower’s point of view is always “people”.


If you like your post, you will want to like the other person’s post as well.
This is called the law of reciprocity .


2. Stick to “how to show yourself”

Users like and follow people who run Instagram accounts.

It ‘s very difficult to logically calculate everything and increase followers, because “I like the atmosphere of people who are vaguely emerging through photo postings and texts .”

Still, among the many Instagram accounts, in order for your account to catch the eye of others, the process of sharpening what you express like a needle is indispensable.

In order to increase the number of followers on Instagram, it is necessary to refine it to “how to show yourself through Instagram” .

3. Target

In order to increase the number of followers on Instagram, it is also necessary to “deliver to people who are likely to sympathize with your charm . ”
On the other hand, some people may be worried that the number of people who look at the target will decrease too much.

However, with Instagram, which now has 33 million users in Japan alone (according to a March 2019 survey), it is possible to increase the number of accounts to 100,000 even if only 0.3% of people sympathize with it.

If you try to reach more people, you may not get more followers.

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If you really want to increase your Instagram followers, you should definitely use your professional account.
You can switch from the account opened in the normal flow by changing the settings.

How to switch to a professional account
[Settings] → [Account] → [Switch to a professional account]

By making a professional account, you can know data that you did not know before.
for example,

  • Number of people who saved posts
  • Follower age group and gender
  • Number of people (unique users) who saw the post


Instagram doesn’t have the ability to do a lot of spreading on its own.
That is why it is important to communicate with users by yourself.

For example, like or comment on posts from users who use the same hashtag.
Of course, if you get a comment on an Instagram post, let’s reply.

  • Live streaming
  • highlight
  • reel
  • Shopping function
  • IGTV

Here are the 10 ideas to boost your Instagram account follower

  1. Decide on a concept
  2. Impress the concept with the profile icon
  3. Make user names and names easy to understand
  4. “Convinced” in the text of the profile
  5. Posts and stories determine “frequency” and “time”
  6. Post high quality images
  7. Enrich captions (text to be posted with images)
  8. “Hashtag” and “location information” that imagine the target
  9. Communicate with users
  10. Switch to a professional account


We have introduced the points to increase the followers of Instagram!

Instagram is easy for people to see, and followers will gather if you post in an easy-to-read manner.
No one will like a post that is only self-satisfying, and the number of followers will not increase.
Why don’t you take this opportunity to check once if your post is designed to increase followers?