3 Ways to Target Women customers with attracting methods

Written by Anil Patil, Published on April 2, 2022 10:31 am, GMT+0530

3 Ways to Target Women customers with attracting methods

People are afraid that the effect of attracting customers will not get better. Concerned about getting customers need to look at the current situation and see if the goal setting and the method of getting customers match. Depending on the service, focusing on female customers may be a good way to get more customers. In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits and best ways to get customers by targeting women.


Benefits of attracting women

Women are said to like shopping more than men. Especially when it comes to beauty and fashion, many people tend to be motivated to consume. Another characteristic of married women is that they often manage their own household budget.

 Target female Audience
Target female Audience

Men may have the right to make decisions about relatively large purchases such as cars, but women are often the ones who make decisions about things to do household chores, things they need to live, and travel and eating out. In fact, there is data that women hold about 90% of the decision-making power of consumer behavior. In other words, in many cases, capturing the hearts of women who have the right to make decisions is the key to significantly improving the rate of attracting customers.

In addition, it is said that many women impulsively consume information from valuable information and word-of-mouth, and there are also efforts to disseminate the information they have learned within the community. By targeting women

One of the merits is that word-of-mouth communication spreads more effectively and a high advertising effect can be obtained.


Three Ways to Successful Attracting Women

It’s not just about making your advertising design feminine to win the hearts of women. Women tend to emphasize “actual usability” and “impressions of users”, so let’s add measures based on that. Here are three effective ways to attract customers when targeting women.


Experience-based customer attraction

Women like shopping, but they also have a strong desire not to lose money, so a method of attracting customers, such as having them purchase products after experiencing them, will surely catch the hearts of women. In addition to hands-on events such as exhibitions, free samples, tastings, and product monitors are also effective.

For example, if the product is kitchenware or cooking appliances, it will lead to a strong purchasing motivation if you can experience the charm of the product at the experience-based event where you actually use it to cook. If the product is something that touches the skin, such as cosmetics, there will be inconveniences such as “it didn’t suit the skin when I used it” and “it was different from the image”. Therefore, if you create a mechanism that allows you to try and buy good ones with free samples, not only will you be able to attract women, but you will also be able to increase your liking for brands and manufacturers.

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The key to successfully attracting customers is “not aiming to attract customers.” Trial events, free samples, etc. must be “for the purpose of getting them to buy”. This is because if a female customer is satisfied with the experience and returns as it is, it will be a loss for the company. Smooth guidance to product purchases is important in order to increase sales, which is the original purpose, while improving the image and awareness. However, please be careful not to have the negative image that “I bought it because I felt like I had to buy it”. Communicate the appeal of the product along with the experience, and encourage purchase in a natural way.

Another thing you need to do to succeed is “promotion”. In addition to promoting stores and products, you must be informed that there are hands-on events and free samples. There are various advertising tools such as newspapers, magazines, TV advertisements, the Internet, and Social media, but it is necessary to consider cost-effectiveness when deciding which one to use. If you want to keep costs down as much as possible, advertising on the Internet or Social networks will be effective.


Social Network strategy

Social Media has become an indispensable tool for attracting customers, but women’s consumption behavior is particularly influenced by SNS. Women are sensitive to keywords such as “new products,” “campaigns,” “events,” and “gifts.” Socials, which allows you to quickly obtain valuable information for yourself, is becoming extremely important in marketing for women.

The advantage of Social Media is that it has a very high diffusion power. As mentioned above, women tend to want to tell someone when they find out about great deals, and many want them to know and sympathize with their recommendations. Word-of-mouth communication that spreads face-to-face does not easily go beyond the boundaries of friends and acquaintances, but Social Network has the potential to spread to people all over Japan, and we can expect to attract more customers.

However, it should be noted that high diffusion means that the good side spreads quickly and the bad word of mouth spreads quickly. Let’s carefully consider how to utilize Social media, which is very effective if it can be used well, to attract customers.

Especially the use of Instagram is important

As you can see from the popularity of the word “Instagram”, the usage rate of Instagram is high among the Social media used by women. The influence of Instagram, which can be advertised with eye-catching images, has become indispensable for attracting female customers, and many products and tourist destinations that emphasize appearance and photogenicity have succeeded in attracting customers, and many companies have made them look good. I started to focus on it.

When attracting customers using Instagram, the deciding factor is how to make the product look attractive. Know the points to take beautiful pictures, and pay attention to the background and props. In addition to the delivery from the store, we must also pay attention to the fact that female customers shoot in the store. Let’s not only clean the inside of the store, but also arrange the interior and review the accessories used. Female customers who like the interior, products and services should promote the store with beautiful pictures.

Instagram also has an advertising feature. It is a function that can efficiently advertise to users who match the product by deciding the budget and target of the advertisement. Targets can be narrowed down in detail, such as gender, age, region, and hobbies, so you can expect a higher effect of attracting customers. The key to increasing the success rate is to check the insights, understand the user base who is interested in your company’s products, and then use the advertising function.


Use of questionnaires and word-of-mouth

Women are more interested in the evaluation of others than men, and are used as a reference when deciding purchasing behavior. When attracting customers to women, it is useful to collect questionnaires and reviews about stores and products. In addition to the Internet, apps, and SNS, you can also collect questionnaires by setting up questionnaires in the store. Then, let’s publish the result of the collected answers in some way. For example, it is effective to introduce it as “impressions of people who actually used it” on product pages, leaflets and pamphlets. Alternatively, you can post it in the store. Communicating good reviews to people who have never tried a product or service will motivate them to “try” and “buy”.

Questionnaires and word-of-mouth can be used not only to attract customers, but also to improve product development and service quality. Good word-of-mouth is a confirmation that the direction of promotion and products / services is correct. Even if it is a bad word of mouth, it can be seen as an opportunity for improvement to increase sales, so the merit is a greater measure.


Let’s learn about female conduct

Women and men have different commitments and important points, so we have to change the method of attracting customers depending on the target. Men tend to focus on the quality, function and price of their products. On the other hand, many women also evaluate the cleanliness of the store, the atmosphere of the interior, and the customer service of the staff. You need to objectively check whether the floors, walls, and windows are well-cleaned, and whether the toilet is clean and calm.

As for the atmosphere of the interior, many women use SNS, so if you are conscious of making beautiful pictures no matter where you take them, you will get high praise. No matter how careful the other staff are, if there is only one staff member who has a bad customer service attitude, the word of mouth that “that store has a bad customer service attitude” will flow. Annoying attitudes, casual words, and unfriendly facial expressions can lead to bad publicity. This is a point that you should be especially careful about in the hospitality business.

However, being interested in customer service makes it easier for people to like a little care and service. For example, putting on a coat and preparing a luggage storage can be a pleasure for female customers. Also, at restaurants, customers with children are asked, “Do you need a fork or chopsticks for children?” “Juice can be prepared with a cup with a lid.” If you pay attention to it, your liking for the store will increase dramatically. However, excessive service can tire the staff and reduce the quality. The key to increasing the success rate of attracting female customers is to serve customers with the kindness that can be reasonably done in order to make them happy.

Women also attach great importance to events. Many women want to do something different or special at seasonal events and anniversaries. Women are vulnerable to the words that they can receive special services only then, such as “limited time offer” and “privilege”. However, you don’t have to offer special services even if you lose money when you give a discount for a limited time or prepare a gift privilege. Many women are willing to spend money on special experiences and valuable time, so it is better for stores to focus on the quality of products and services and set and adjust prices later. Probably.



By targeting women to attract customers, there are merits that women who are highly motivated to consume themselves can be targeted as customers, and that word-of-mouth advertising effects can be expected. In order to increase the rate of attracting customers, it is important to understand the nature of women and the characteristics of purchasing behavior. If you are worried that the effect of attracting customers will not increase, please contact LocalFolio. We will propose a method that matches the store.