Maruti XL6 with wireless charging is now available for Rs.11.29 lakh

Written by Anil Patil, Published on April 22, 2022 12:18 pm, GMT+0530

Maruti XL6 with wireless charging is now available for Rs.11.29 lakh

Automobile: Maruti XL6 car will be unlocked from the phone,

Earlier this month, the Indian version of the six-seater MPV Maruti XL6 was updated. It has a lot of nice things in it. This car has a lot of extra features that have been added for the first time in this car. After making new changes to both its front- and back-ends, the company has kept its starting price at Rs 11.29 lakh.

The XL6 came out in four different types.


There are four different versions of the Maruti XL6 that have been made. With the manual transmission, the lowest price is Rs 11.29 lakh in this case. Even so, the price of the automatic transmission on this car is Rs 12.79 lakh. It has also been made in Alpha, Alpha +, and Alpha + Dual Tone versions, as well as a few other styles. An ex-showroom price for this car can go up to a max of Rs 14.55 lakh.


Grill-Chrome was the outside look before. The front grille of the Maruti XL6 has been made a little more sporty by the company. At the same time, more chrome has been added to the outside to make it look better. It has 16-inch wheels that are both black and white. It has also been made more chrome-like on the side and back of the car.

It will be the first time that ventilated seats will be on the market.

For the first time, the company is going to let you choose a ventilated seat in any of its cars. Driver and front passenger seats will be able to have this option. Indians want cars with ventilated seats because the hot and humid season lasts for a long time, while the winter season only lasts a short time in some parts of the country.

Tata Motors has already done this with its new cars, but for the first time in a Maruti vehicle, you can get a ventilated seat. People are becoming more and more interested in ventilated seats because they help keep the driver and passenger from sweating when they drive for a long time. These seats have blowers inside that keep air moving through small holes.

In this case, the Maruti XL6 will be used as the MPV. Six people will fit in the Maruti XL6 MPV, which will go on sale in 2018. After Kia Carens came out, there has been more competition in this category. In this case, the company is selling it as a high-end car. When the company came out with the XL6 about three years ago, it was a high-end version of the Ertiga that cost more. This will be the second generation of the XL6 car.

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New Engine The new XL6 from the company will have a new 1.5-liter K15C dual jet petrol engine. As well as a 5-speed gearbox and a 6-speed automatic gear with paddle shifters, it will also get a lot of other things. It will make 114 bhp and 137 Nm of peak torque. Wireless charging and the Smart Play Pro system are both great.
In the new XL6, the company can add some of the extra features that many Maruti cars have. For example, it will have a 360-degree camera and a 7-inch touchscreen for entertainment. It will also be possible to use Car Connect features, like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, at the same time. If you buy this car, you’ll also get wireless charging, the Smart Play Pro system, and Suzuki Connect. This car comes with 4 airbags as standard, and it has 6 airbags as an extra.

If there is a different version, it could be

The new XL6 car will be able to open from your phone because it has Suzuki Connect. There is a new feature that will let you use your phone as the key to your car. It will let you unlock the car from your phone if the key gets lost. With this feature, you can do more complicated things like turn on the AC to cool the car down before you get in the car, light the headlight, and find your car in the parking lot.