Vivo Y72 5G is a greedy 5G smartphone that only wants to be rich for its camera

Vivo 5g smartphone

Vivo Y72 5G is a smartphone with a slightly lower CPU spec, but a solid high-performance camera and battery. Smartphones with low prices have to compromise in some parts of the specs, and sometimes you may think “if the camera is a little better” or “if the battery has a little more capacity”.

Vivo 5g smartphone

The main feature of the Vivo Y72 5G is “Dimensity 700,” which is MediaTek’s entry-level product. The screen is 6.58 inches and has a resolution of 1080 x 2408 pixels. The notch in the camera looks a little old and has 16 million pixels. Most likely, this is done to keep the price low.

The fingerprint sensor is also not built into the screen, but is instead attached to the side of the main unit. Also, it’s kind of interesting that they tried to make the fingerprint authentication sensor, which is also the power button and the volume button, flat so that it wouldn’t gouge the side.


It has a SIM slot at the top of the main unit and a USB Type-C terminal and headphone terminal at the bottom of the main unit. The battery is 5000mAh. Recently, the number of models equipped with 5000mAh is increasing, but there are still many products in the 4000mAh range, so it can be called “large capacity”.

Vivo Y72 5G Price

The price in Hong Kong is HK $2498 (about 20,600 INR). The main specs are similar to Xiaomi’s “Mi 11 Lite 5G”, and although there are some advantages over the Y72 5G, the price is cheaper for the Y72 5G.

The back wasn’t lit a bit, but this Dream Glow changes beautifully into 7 colors. Fingerprint marks are hard to remain, and it is a finish that makes you want to use it as it is without attaching a case.

vivo y72 5g specifications


The cameras are arranged vertically with 64 million pixels and 8 million pixels super wide angle so that they stand out, and a small 2 million pixel macro is placed under them. The expression is a little different from other products. Now that smartphones from all manufacturers have similar back designs, each manufacturer is narrowing down their wisdom on how to arrange cameras.

vivo y72 5g camera
vivo y72 5g camera


Although it is not cheap, the Vivo Y72 5G feels good enough considering the cost performance. Since vivo has not entered india, it is not as well known as Xiaomi and OPPO, but it has many competitive products.

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