Four notable settings on the new lock screen for iOS 16

Apple new ios 16 lock screen settings

The new Apple Phone OS “iOS 16” for the iPhone announced by Apple on June 6 (local time) at the developer conference “WWDC22”.

Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, emphasized the new lock screen:

“We’ve made the biggest update to the lock screen and completely rebuilt its look and functionality. It’s more personal, beautiful, and more convenient than ever, while still ensuring the iPhone’s uniqueness,” he said.

I would like to review the specific content and usage.”

How to edit the lock screen: There are 4 steps that I would like to pay attention to.

1. Screen Wallpaper

The first is about the lock screen wallpaper. If you set a picture of a person as the wallpaper of the lock screen, the person will be placed in front of the time, so the feeling of depth will increase. The photos he showed in the demo may be easy to imagine.

lock screen iOS 16

2. Date and time color

Second, you can now change the font and color of the date and time. Tap the empty space on the lock screen and tap “Customize” to move to the edit screen.

Simply swipe left or right to experiment with different styles that automatically change to match the color filters, background, and time fonts.

By tapping the date and time, you can try different typefaces and adjust from different colors. You can adjust the color by moving the slide bar at the bottom of the time screen.

3. Place the widget

Third, you can also place a widget that was inspired by the complications of the Apple Watch. You can check information such as schedule, weather, battery level, alarm, etc. all at once on the lock screen.

He said that you can slide the person in the photo and tap the “+” mark to open the widget gallery. There is no talk about the case where a person is shown as a subject, so you can’t understand this area unless you try it on an actual machine.

Add the temperature and activity ring from the widget gallery, and drag the calendar widget to move it to an empty space, and the temperature, activity ring, and calendar will be lined up in one row, and you can check them at a glance.

You can choose a new wallpaper from “Add New Wallpaper”. There are plenty of wallpaper choices, and you can take advantage of hundreds of combinations to customize the wallpaper or widget that suits you.

For example, “Photo Shuffle” allows you to shuffle a series of pre-selected photos all day and display them on the lock screen. There are also “suggested photos” to wisely choose photos from your personal library, such as the best family shots that fit your lock screen.

If you select “Weather”, which shows the weather information of your current location, you can display information such as heavy rain and lightning in an easy-to-understand manner with animation. You can also choose “Emoji”, “Pride”, and “Astronomy”.

4. Notifications

The fourth and final thing is that the notification content has been redesigned to be displayed from the bottom of the screen. In the past, when many notifications arrived, they were lined up from top to bottom, so the wallpaper was hidden behind the notifications.

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This can be displayed below with overlapping notifications on the new lock screen of iOS 16 so that the wallpaper is not hidden. Many notifications can be hidden all day, making the lock screen easier to see than ever before, he said.

Swipe up from the bottom of the lock screen to go to the home screen as before.