The reason why the previously rumored “Pixel Watch” will appear in 2022

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Google Pixel Watch: Google held the annual developer conference Google I / O from May 11th to 12th (local time), and announced many new devices in its keynote speech. Traditionally, Google I / O has mainly announced software and services, and it is rare for hardware products to be announced so far.

Pixel 6a to be released on July 28
Pixel 6a to be released on July 28


In recent years, due to the pandemic, the timing of announcement of hardware products such as Pixel has been delayed, so it may have been meaningful to reset once around here. The hardware products announced at Google I / O are “Pixel 6a“, “Pixel 7“, “Pixel Watch“, “Pixel Buds Pro“, and “Pixel Tablet“.

First of all, Pixel 6a is equipped with Google Tensor, the original SoC adopted in Pixel 6/6 Pro. Most of the features of the Pixel 6/6 Pro are said to be available. However, the specifications of the rear camera that looks similar have been dropped, and the main camera is 12.2MP, which is the same as the Pixel 5a. This area is a low-priced model Pixel a series,

As a Pixel smartphone, the release of Pixel 7 this fall was also announced. There is almost no information here, but it is said that it will be equipped with the next generation Google Tensor. The design of the rear camera part has also changed, and it seems that we can expect to enhance the AI ​​function of the camera together with the new Tensor.


A new earphone with noise canceling, the Pixel Buds Pro, has also been announced. Like the Pixel 6a,

This is the third generation of the fully wireless Pixel Buds series, but it is the first to support active noise canceling (ANC). ANC earphones often feel oppressive, but the Pixel Buds Pro has a built-in sensor that measures the air pressure in the back of the ear and automatically decompresses it so that it does not cause discomfort even when used for a long time. It is said that.


Google’s smartwatch, the Pixel Watch, which has been rumored for some time, has also been announced to be released this fall. Rumors of the Pixel Watch are surprisingly old, dating back to at least 2016. The first Pixel smartphone was announced this year, but there was also a plan to release two Pixel Watches at the announcement event.


However, Business Insider reports that the Pixel Watch has been canceled because it’s not perfect enough for Google . There were rumors about the Pixel Watch in 2018, but Google said in an interview with Tom’s Guide that it was “partner-focused” and had no plans (for now) to release its own smartwatch. Was there. Rather than Google releasing the Pixel Watch, it seems that it was more important to work with partner companies to liven up Wear OS itself.

And at Google I / O in 2021, Wear OS 3 was announced. By this time, the development of the Pixel Watch should have been progressing, so it seems that Wear OS 3 has finally decided that the foundation of the smart watch that Google thinks is completed. In the meantime, I acquired hybrid smartwatch technology from Fossil, acquired Fitbit, and other technologies that could lead to the addition of Wear OS. In fact, Fitbit’s health care and fitness tools are available on the Pixel Watch, which was also announced as a feature of Wear OS 3.

Pixel Watch to be released this fall
Pixel Watch to be released this fall


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In addition, Samsung’s “Galaxy Watch 4” is equipped with a custom version of Wear OS 3, but major manufacturers such as Fossil have announced that it will be provided as an update in the latter half of 2022. It may have been waiting for its appearance so as not to dilute the impact of Pixel Watch.

Finally, although it will be released in 2023, the Android tablet “Pixel Tablet” that Google is working on has also been announced. This is Google’s Android tablet since Pixel C in 2015. Google has enhanced support for large screen devices with Android 12L and Android 13. Recently, high-spec Android tablets have been released by Xiaomi, Lenovo, Samsung, etc., and it was a situation that it would not be strange if a genuine Google tablet appeared. Details have not been revealed yet, but I would like to expect further updates in the future.