Google News New look! Here how to optimize your feeds

google news new feeds

Google News has recently improved its organization and customization. Be aware of how this will affect your desktop’s Google News news feed.

Google News is 20 years old! This time around, Google has given consumers a new, improved Google News format that gives your feed additional customizable options. The new Google News design will improve and personalize the consumption of news on your desktop, including top headlines, local stories and personalized selections. This will enable the users to catch the most important news. More than 125 countries and 40 languages ​​worldwide provide access to Google News Feed.

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In a blog post announcing Google’s redesign, Google wrote, “Today we’re unveiling a number of ways we can help people around the world access official news through global support to news organizations and product innovations.” Trying to help find a broader classification.” news. To find and organize the stories being reported around the world, Google’s algorithms use machine learning to examine hundreds of different parameters.


How Google News Will Be More Optimized

Google news new look
Google news new look

Google has rolled out a new, more customized Google News interface for desktop users, the company claims, to help individuals dig deeper into important stories and more easily find local news from around the world. It was created based on comments from readers.

On your desktop, the redesigned Google News will now display headers, local news, and your personal favorites at the top of the page. To make it easier to find, Google moved the section containing local news to the top of the page. To make sure you never miss important news and updates about the cities and towns you care about, it has also introduced a filter button for you to add multiple regions to your local news section.

One of the most obvious and significant changes is the relocation of several news categories, including Business, Science, Health, Globe and Politics, from the left side of the screen to a menu bar at the top.

Additionally, there is an option to change the theme that Google News displays so that you can scroll through and read the articles you love the most. You also have the opportunity to add, remove or rearrange themes by selecting the blue “Customize” icon in the upper right corner. This will organize and personalize the Google News desktop homepage.

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