Watch Best Romantic Movies 2022 on Netflix Online


Best romantic movies 2022 on netflix online: If your heart is melted butter and you love romantic films, you’ve discovered the ideal list from indiaztech today. Here, Anil Patil has created a list of Netflix Movies that will make your heart beat faster and urge you to seek the love of millions. Watching these films will give you butterflies in your tummy. you can also watch these movies on netflix together, you and your lover will enjoy it.

Best Romantic Netflix Shows to Watch online in 2022

You can watch the best romantic movies of the year on Netflix now, starting with these four latest movies in 2022.

1.On the Way to Summer (2022), Sofia Alvarez

A Caminho do Verão (2022)

A Caminho do Verão (2022) : Auden West is an exemplary student and daughter of academics. She’s graduated from high school and wants to spend a carefree summer at Colby before she leaves for college. Despite her mother’s objections, she wants to spend time with her absent father, always locked in his office at work. He has another child from his remarriage and lives in Colby. Upon arriving there, Auden doesn’t get along with his stepmother’s teenage employees and feels like an outcast. When she meets shy, curly-haired Eli, the two approach and begin pulling each other out of their shells.


2. I’m Still Here (2022), Arie Posin

Ainda Estou Aqui (2022)

Ainda Estou Aqui (2022) : Tessa is a teenager who, during her childhood, jumped through foster homes and no longer believes she deserves love. After meeting Skylar, a young man from a nearby town, her heart begins to open. However, the couple gets into a car accident. Skylar dies and Tessa survives. After searching for answers to what happened, Tessa comes to believe that Skylar is trying to communicate with her. With the help of her best friend, Tessa tries to reconnect with Skylar one last time.


3. Love with Fetish (2022), Hyeon-jin Park

Amor com Fetiche (2022)

Amor com Fetiche (2022) : The film is about a spicy and unconventional romance between two co-workers. The couple signs a contractual agreement that provides for consensus pleasure, erotic play and pain. It all starts when Ji Woo receives a package at the office that ends up revealing his sexual fetishes to his colleague, Ji Hoo. So they decide to strike a deal that starts a daring romantic affair filled with slave and master fantasies.


4.Perfect Match (2022), Stuart McDonald

Combinação Perfeita

Combinação Perfeita : Lola Alvarez is a successful executive from Los Angeles who serves a renowned winery in Australia and is looking for a new importer. When her coworker steals one of her ideas and presents it as her own, Lola quits her job and goes after her Australian account independently. She travels to the countryside of the vineyard and accepts a temporary job offer on the farm to prove her competence. She is constantly supervised by her boss, Max, and tormented by a group of fun, hardworking workers. Meanwhile, Lola and Max are increasingly attracted to each other. However, Max hides a secret from everyone.

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