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In order to create this article comparing best web servers recommended WordPress web hosting and shared web hosting servers, I have utilized more than 10 types of web hosting services.

A Hosting is an essential service for managing blogs and websites using WordPress (CMS). When we browse websites, we sometimes browse websites and blogs through rental servers.

The comfort of site browsing due to the communication speed, bandwidth, and stability of the web host server side largely depends on the performance of the hosting server. Here are some recommended servers that we have compared while managing many websites.

Among the websites that I manage, there are websites like this blog (indiaztech.com).

In addition

  1. Affiliate articles composed of a single page
  2. Mini site with dozens of pages
  3. Management of hundreds of pages of blog sites and specialized websites

While managing a wide range of websites, we will introduce 10 recommended hosting servers for WordPress sites while comparing them.

There are three criteria for selecting a recommended web hosting

This time, there are three criteria for the 10 types of recommended hosting services in this article.

Three criteria for selection

  1. You can easily acquire your own domain within the service
  2. Easy to install WordPress
  3. Run by a well-known company

Basically, when I start a blog or website, I want to spend as little time and money as possible on preparation and start-up costs.

This article talks about services for renting web server space that make it easy to run a website.

Also, as blogs and websites grow, we introduce the web hosting services of companies that have become important partners because they can handle many complicated tasks when they are all being used at the same time.

  1. “Alpha SSL” can be used free of charge for SSL, which is important for security
  2. There is a plan that allows you to provide your own domain for free.
  3. Super easy to install WordPress and manage WordPress themes

Personally, the above three are the things that make me happy when I run a website or blog site.

There are many other wonderful hosting services, so we will introduce them in detail in this article.

Please find the perfect service according to the purpose of site management.

Contents of this article

  1. What is a Web Hosting?
  2. Introducing the features of rental servers that are compatible with WordPress
  3. Opened details of popular rental server functions and price plans

* In addition, the technical terms related to the hosting server used in the text are explained in detail in the latter half of this article, “Terminology of the rental server”.

What is a Web Hosting?

A Hosting is also called a “rental server“.

A “Hosting” includes software to provide services and computers running software.

What is a hosting?

A hosting server (both rental server and shared server) is a server used by multiple users, and is used to make websites and web applications publicly available on the Internet. Source: Partial excerpt from the hosting server (Wikipedia)

Server type (example)

file server
A server set up to share files on a network (e.g. LAN, WAN, etc.)
web server
A server (including software) that provides information and functions to a user’s computer on a web system through a network.
mail server
Server software, servers, or computers that deliver electronic mail.

By using a rental server, you can publish your homepage or blog, publish your affiliate or EC site, and use your email address.

In addition, if you use a rental server, you can use the HDD, SSD, and information processing functions installed in the server machine provided by the server company. Easier to operate and manage the server.

Types of Hosting Server

types of web hosting

The server is often written as a server, but in this article, it will be unified and written as a “server”

There are four main types of rental servers.

Type of rental server

Dedicated server

Service in which one subscriber uses one server

Shared Server

There is also a shared server type contract method that secures a certain amount of resources called a service reserved plan in which one server is used by multiple subscribers.

VPS (Virtual Private Server)

It is a service that can be used like a dedicated server even though it is shared.

Cloud Server

Cloud server that can be used as a dedicated server while being shared.

Among these servers, shared servers, VPS (Virtual Private Server), and cloud servers are services in which multiple users share one server.

If you apply for a rental server, you do not need to operate and manage the server yourself.

In addition, the focus of this article is the popular WordPress “shared server” , and the dedicated server and VPS service are explained in other articles.

Recently, using the VPS service, it has become possible to build a multi-server optimized for game multi-play and launch a multi-server easily.

How to Setup WordPress site?

WordPress site or blog Setup in the table above is a convenient function that enables you to launch a WordPress site in as little as 10 minutes.

As the contents necessary for the simple setup of the WordPress site

  1. A Good Hosting
  2. Own domain
  3. WordPress Software (WordPress.org)
  4. WordPress theme
  5. SSL (HTTPS)
  6. Essential plugins

In particular, the installation of WordPress proceeds with a sense of clicking, so even WordPress beginners can set up WordPress without hesitation, which is convenient with above steps.

Here are the top 10 recommended hosting for your wordpress site.

  1. WP Engine
  2. SiteGround
  3. DreamHost
  4. Nexcess
  5. Hostinger
  6. BlueHost
  7. A2Hosting
  8. CouldWays
  9. Hostgator
  10. Greengeeks

Well, This web hosting needs to be explained, but if you’re interested in any of these, leave a comment below.

In our next article, we will be sure to explain this list.

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