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6 Simple Steps Delete a Page in MS Word


6 Simple Steps Delete a Page in MS Word

When it comes to text editing and word processing software, Microsoft Word is often the first software that comes to people’s minds. This software makes it easy to process text and words.

But about deleting text, you can delete it per character, word, line, paragraph or page. The ability to delete a page may be rarely known to the public, but it is a useful ability that can help you tidy up the end of a Word document, besides the main function that saves time when editing text.

How to delete a page in Word

Please note that the easiest way to remove more than one paragraph of text is to click to place the cursor at the beginning of the unwanted content, and then hold down the Shift key while clicking at the end.

This will select all of the text or graphics between those two points, then pressing the Delete key will delete that part. There is an alternative procedure however, and it starts by placing the cursor anywhere on the page you want to delete.

  1. On your keyboard, press Ctrl + G.
  2. In the Enter page number field, type \page.
  3. Click Go To first.
  4. Then click Close.
  5. Confirm that the full page has been selected.
  6. Press Delete to delete the page.

How to remove blank pages in Word

In every Word document, there is a final paragraph break that cannot be removed, and sometimes, if the document is too long, scrolling will return you to the beginning of the page. This will add a single page to the document, even without content.

If this is the case, the first step you need to take is to press Shift + Ctrl + 8, to display paragraph marks, among other invisible formatting marks. To remove those unwanted blank pages, make the paragraph marks as small as possible, so that they fit on the previous page.

Double-click on the paragraph mark to select it and then, on the Home tab, use the about font size drop-down menu to reduce the paragraph mark size to one point. This paragraph mark will now be so small that it will have no impact on the flow of the document on other pages.

If reducing the size of paragraph marks doesn’t have a significant impact, there is one other way to keep paragraph marks from interfering with the flow of the document. You can reduce the size of the bottom border by using the Margins menu on the Layout tab and selecting Custom Margins at the bottom.

Choose the lower limit option and halve it. This will keep the last paragraph from interrupting the flow of the document. If that doesn’t work, you can reduce the lower bound further, or combine the two methods you mentioned earlier. Good luck!

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