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Logitech Brio, the Simple Webcam for Professionals


Logitech Brio, the Simple Webcam for Professionals

Logitech Brio, the next webcam we tested this time, is designed for professionals who prioritize visual quality when working remotely. Apart from the design, the various features that are present also ensure that users can project themselves on teleconferences clearly.

Talking about webcams is currently synonymous with applications for teleconferencing which are increasingly being used by workers. The hybrid work model makes people take advantage of various devices to support productivity, including a webcam.

Logitech Brio has an elongated design that is more proportional when compared to similar products that we have tested before. One interesting thing is the simple installation. The camera assembly is directly attached to the stand which has two clamping mechanisms.

This stand can adjust the size of the screen, including the viewing angle when the camera is facing the user. One thing to note is that the camera has a good body finish, but not the stand.

The Logitech Brio camera unit is connected using a USB-C cable that is thick and long enough to ensure data transmission with optimal quality. The long cable is also to support users who want to use it on a PC that is located under the table.

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Once connected to a PC or laptop, the camera can be used immediately using standard settings. The LogiTune application opens all available features, and of course its capabilities are not the same as standard webcams or those normally available on laptops.

Looking at the specifications, Logitech Brio delivers 4K Ultra HD video @30fps, 1080p at 30fps and 60fps, and 720p HD resolution at 30, 60 and 90fps. Through LogiTune, you can adjust the size of the frame from 65 degrees to 90 degrees.

For videos that focus on people, a 65-degree angle is a great choice. Meanwhile, when you want to highlight the surroundings, a 90 degree angle can capture all the objects behind.

When the room has inadequate lighting, Logitech Brio can provide additional light elements with several adjustments such as brightness, saturation and contrast.

This setting will automatically enter when you turn on a teleconferencing application such as Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams. During the experience of use, it must be admitted that Logitech Brio is capable of producing smooth video quality.


In India, the price for the Logitech Brio is Rs.17800, which is quite high in its class. One of the reasons is the 4K HD resolution support which is already very qualified, plus features that make the video display clear and sharp.

Simple installation equipped with a pouch makes it have more value in terms of mobility. Concerning privacy, this webcam is also equipped with a cover. Unfortunately this cover is installed separately.

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