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7 Best Free Offline War Games on Android


7 Best Free Offline War Games on Android

Free offline games are not just dominated by most downloadable games with multiple players that may be played online and over the internet. The fact that there are a number of offline war game apps for Android that provide experiences and raise your heart rate while you play is proof.

You can enjoy two different things at the same time by playing this offline war game. both the thrill of combat and the thrill of leading an army.

It is appropriate for you to come here if you’re looking for war game titles that can be played offline. The top Android offline war games will be listed in this article by indiaztech.

Let’s see the full list of free offline games for play:

1. Gun War: Shooting Games

7 Best Offline War Games on Android

Gun War is one of the best free offline game available for Android right now since it demands you to defend yourself against alien and zombie invasions.

There are more than 50 different kinds of weaponry available, as well as a few “ultimate” weapons that you can only use after completing certain missions.

Every time you log into Gun War, the storyline and the numerous objectives you must complete will keep you interested. This is due to the fact that Gun War features more than 50 maps and scenes that you must finish one at a time.

2. Elite Killer: SWAT

Do you want to see terrorists eradicated globally? If so, Elite Killer: SWAT is a video game that might make you feel like you’re fighting crime.

You play as a SWAT unit battling terrorists all around the world in this game. There are at least 24 locations you can pick from to finish the assignment.

By including full combat gear, a variety of weapons, and vehicles utilised by the SWAT squad in the real world, Canary Droid, the game’s developer, aims to provide players a realistic battle experience.

3. Into The Dead 2

For those of you who like the Playstation version of Resident Evil, you shouldn’t miss the Android battle game Into The Dead 2.

The plot of the video game Into the Dead 2 involves zombie attacks that wreak havoc on the planet; in this scenario, you must battle zombies with a variety of in-game weapons.

The creator of this game incorporates a gorgeous and exotic setting into it. There are seven chapters and 60 stages that must be passed before you can finish the goal.

4. Swamp Attack

Swamp Attack is a survival war game, similar to Into The Dead 2, where you must protect your house and your source of money from zombie creatures that traverse the swamp to get to your house.

Despite the fact that this game’s gameplay is comparable to Plants vs. Zombies. However, because there are more tasks to accomplish in order to finish more than 300 separate missions, Swamp Attack provides a more stressful experience.

Additionally, Outfit7 Limited, the company that created this game, offers 35 different sorts of zombie creatures with distinct fighting styles.

You will have the option to select from a variety of weaponry in this game, including the standard rifle and the atomic bomb if you’re short on time. Massively eliminate zombie beings.

5. 1941: Frozen Front

1941: Frozen Front, which was released by HandyGames on September 11, 2017, is the next offline war game you can try. As of the time this article was written, it has received 5 million downloads.

1941: One of the top war strategy games for Android right now, Frozen Front is set during the Second World War between Germany and Russia. You can select either Russia to resist against the attacks of the German Nazi army or Germany to attack the Russian Tsar’s army.

You’ll be put to the test in this game as you build supply lines for supplies and ammo, build defence bases, grow troop numbers, position artillery, and calculate how to win battles.

If playing this game offline gets you boring, you may also play it online. You can select the online mode to engage in direct competition with others

6. Total Battle: War Strategy

If you played Age of Empires on the PC and are seeking for a game that is similar, Total War Battles: Kingdom might be able to deliver that experience.

This medieval-era game, created by Scorewarrior, requires you to develop an empire from beginning and build supporting structures like iron smelters, farms, and mines.

This is necessary to give your country the means to raise the calibre and number of your royal soldiers. If you have enough soldiers, you can begin enlarging your authority by capturing other kingdoms.

In addition, you can strengthen your kingdom’s defence by fortifying it with rivers, lakes, and mountains to deter invading forces.

In addition to the gameplay of One further benefit of this game is that it can be played on several platforms, allowing you to carry on with your kingdom’s development across a variety of gadgets.

7. Cover Fire: Free Shooting Games

7. Cover Fire: Free Shooting Games

This Genera Games game features excellent visuals and a compelling narrative across each level. In this game, your goal is to eliminate the enemy’s forces. To do this, you’ll need a specialised force made up of soldiers with a variety of skills, including hackers, medics, and infantry soldiers.

To unlock characters with unique skills, you must also complete a number of objectives. Since their initial release, more than five million users have downloaded games that require Android version 4.1 or higher.

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Which of the ten games have you played? Those are the 7 Best Offline War Games for Android. Please share your story in the comments section.

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