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    How to make WhatsApp calls using less data?

    Coronavirus house arrest whole country. In this situation, many choose WhatsApp as a means of communication. WhatsApp chat, voice calls and video calls have grown in popularity to keep in touch with family and loved ones. However, any service on WhatsApp requires an internet connection. Especially for voice and video calls, more data is needed. […] More

  • Deactivating or Deleting Your Account

    How to delete Facebook account permanently ?

    How to delete Facebook account permanently ? Also how to deactivate Facebook account permanently ? Login into the account which you want to delete Click on More options (3 line) at the top right corner Scroll down and click on Settings Scroll down and click on Account Ownership And Control Click on Deactivation and Deletion Select […] More

  • Square Root Trick By The Math Boy

    Determination of Square Root Shortcut Trick By The Math Boy

    Hi guys how are you. I am fine & hope you will also be fine. In any competitive exams cases.This shortcut tricks give you help for solved the biggest problem of perfect square root.The perfect square roots problem will comes from any competitive exam. so today we will discuss about square root tricks and download […] More

  • Some Tips For Buying a Brand Laptop
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    Some Tips For Buying a Brand Laptop.

    Laptop technology has undergone major changes in the last few years. And now, as a personal computer, everyone’s first choice is a laptop. As a result, the demand for laptops has increased. And the so-called laptop brands have been created to handle such demand. And all these brands are regularly bringing their own market to […] More

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