Guvva Gorinka Telugu Movie Full Review 2021

Guvva Gorinka Telugu Movie Full Review

Guvva Gorinka Telugu Movie Full Review
Guvva Gorinka Release Date: 17 Dec 2020
Cast: Satya Dev, Priyaa Lal
Director: Mohan Bammidi

Guvva Gorinka is a Telugu romantic comedy movie that is released 17 dec 2020 on amazon prime video. This movie is about the love story of Sadhanand (Satya Dev and), he is pursuing mechanical engineering and has an allergy from sounds and Sireesha (Priya Lal) a music lover who moved to the city to learn violin.

Sireesha meets Sadhanand when she comes to live in a shared apartment with Sadhanand. Where they irritate each other and end up falling in love.

To know what happened to their love story and Which way the love story went…

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Should you watch the Guvva Gorinka movie?


This Telugu movie got some criticism and got mixed reactions from people.
If you like romantic comedy movies as well as if you love to watch this type of simple love story films you must go and watch this movie.


What people are saying about Guvva Gorinka movie?



Movie songs


Listen and Download Guvva Gorinka Telugu Movie Songs

Tinaga Tinaga
Singers: Wilson Herald

Prema Tholiga Thelisenu
Singers: Sai Charan, Nutana Mohan

Putukku Jara Jara
Singers: Rahul Ramakrishna, Suresh Bobbili, Priyadarshi

Kallu Kallu Kalise
Singers: Sweekar Agasthi, Manisha Eerabathini, Vinay Kumar, Sree Kavya

Kanule Munige
Singers: Aparna Nandan, Ravi Prakash Chodimalla

In the end Movie Rating – 3.0🌟


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