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Metro Kathalu – Telugu full movie download


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Metro Kathalu Full Movie telugu Hd Movie by 123telugu

The film has five stories. In the first story, there is a modern girl named (Nakshatra) answering her colleague’s (Thiruvir) marriage proposal in a very strange way. In the second story, a middle-aged woman named (Sana) is physically attracted to a young man (Ali Reza). In the third story, a fed-up wife, named (Nandini Rai) who lives away from her husband, is a health scare. In the last story, a Muslim man named (Rajiv Kanakala) always fights with his wife (Gayatri Bhargavi) and disagrees to go to his friend’s house. Why all these characters are behaving in this way is the entire story of the film.


Metro Kathalu Movie Review

Among all the various stories, the one that matters a lot is the story of the Nandini Rai episode. It is emotional, good drama and also a lot of pain that is shown well. Nandini Rai is very good in her role and has done well in an emotional role. Everyone was very happy with that performance.

Rajiv Kanakala does well in his story with a very settled and mature performance. The first story is quite contemporary and was shown in an interesting way. The way the constellation responds to her proposal is also well shown. Ali Raza is fine in his small role. He’s fine with his little roll


metro kathalu full movie download 2020 telugu review aha


Metro Kathalu Telugu Movie Review In Aha

The stories are slightly different but the Metro Kathalu movie and its background is good but it is a description that is disappointing. Barring Nandini Rai and the first story, the rest of the movie has no meaning. It is unclear whether it is called a film or an extended short film where simple stories have been told. And people have liked this film very much and the story told in this film has also been very liked.


The producers increased things so much that there is no scope for the necessary drama. Above all, Sana and Ali Raza’s block looks bad and has no emotional connection. This part is done very poorly. This outcome is performed very beautifully. The title is Metro Kathalu but the city of Hyderabad is not used in any way.


There was great scope to make the stories as web series and show them in detail. But the makers have moved things forward in such a way that the film makes no impact on you. The stories are not well set and their endings are also dull. Some good drama would have been understood a lot in greater clarity and detail.


It seems that the film was actually made on a low budget and is shown on screen. And people have liked this film very much. The production value, setting and the way the scenes are cut make this film awkward. And played the characters very beautifully in the film. However, the film’s BGM is really good. The dialogues are good so casting was done.


The film is based on the stories of noted author Khedar Babu. And he has written very good films. But director Karuna Kumar does not make good use of it. For Nandini Rai’s episode, she is happy to direct and instill emotions.



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Karuna Kumar, who followed Palasa 1978 in the astonishing mainstream (in theatrical entry) Metro Kathalu, metro Kathalu Movie Review as well. As stated at the beginning, Metro Kathalu Movie Trailer This is a simple collection of four short films, Metro Kathalu Movies Review Rating which have different feelings with each other. Karuna Kumar has done a great job in extracting the actress. The drama’s aspect of the performance enhances the overall mood and seriousness of the proceedings. However, the setting and additional background information have been added to the character, making this information a marvel. For example, where did it go that the story involving Sana could do well with further details.



That’s the way it is, and its length makes it predictable. Metro Kathalu Movie especially given how it runs on expected lines. With a bit more background of character and immersive writing, the role he played could have been much more of an impact. We only get the hint that through the words of the woman who has faced and is facing various challenges in day to day life. It is a credit to the director and actress that we feel it more tired, but it misses too much. The two stories related to Nandini Rai and Nakshatra are very straightforward. The latter is very simple and only includes background information in its account. The former could again offer more, but the one who settles for it.



The loneliness and depression aspect, along with the existing one, would have reduced this to an impressive. Of course, the packaging has to be smart, and one becomes that it should not be overstuffed, but it has scope for not having too much scope. And finally, there is the good old yarn incorporating Rajiv Kanakala which makes the eyes moist when done right. This is corrected, and the background score further reduces the effect. The underlying theme of food and memory is beautiful and seems necessary for the KFC generation. Overall, Metro Kathalu is a good watch for acting alone. It touches various disciplines, but does not go deep and stays at the surface level. Still, try it out, with unique content and something different for Telugu actors to watch

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