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Money Heist Review : Netflix Season 4 Release Date, Cast and Episodes Details.


Money Heist Review Hindi: While everything has been shut down all over the world due to Coronavirus, Netflix has released the fourth part of Money Heist for your entertainment on April 3 across the world. Money Heist is a Spanish television show based on a crime and drama, the first episode of Money Heist was shown on Antena 3 (Spanish TV Channel) in 2017. Netflix then bought the rights to the show and released it worldwide. 4 seasons and 31 episodes have been made so far of Money Heist and according to the news, seasons 5 and 6 of Money Heist will be released in 2021.


Who Created This Show


The show is produced by Spanish director and producer Álex Pina, and is his most successful Spanish TV show to date. The story of the show is very interesting, in this show you will also get to see thrills, drama, suspense, crime, romance and comedy, it has all the things that everyone expects from a web series. Money heist


The story of some bank thief, who want to commit such a theft, so that they can have a different identity in the world of thieves. In the desire to create this separate identity, they are willing to die till they die.


Money Heist Review


Season 4 of Money Heist is full of very strong suspense from the first three seasons. Nonstop action scenes are seen in a new way in every episode of season 4, this sequence is so tremendous that it can make anyone’s heart tremble. Whether it is a shootout between the thief and the police or the bank robbery. Every single scene of Money heist season 4 is shot very closely.


According to Firstpost, Money Heist is one of Netflix’s best web series that has been watched by over 167 million people in over 190 countries so far. Talking about the acting and dialogues of the actors, they are also amazing, on seeing this, it gives such a feeling that all the events in this show are happening with you in reality. This season 4 of the Spanish show is an amazing fantasy that I had never seen before. But one very sad thing is that not a single season of Money Heist is available in Hindi, if you want to watch it, you can see it in English language.


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To download or watch Money Heist season 4 on Netflix for free just head through our telegram channel, or if you don’t use Telegram than download, hahaha just kidding. Let me tell you another trick or should i call app to watch or download Monet Heist season 4, Read this article to get the link of the App.