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you must know the meaning of Kadavule (if you you don’t know Tamil).


“Meaning Of Oh My Kadavule”

“Oh My Kadavule” means “Oh My God”

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“Moviesda Oh My Kadavule Download”

you should know about the movie. So here’s a review or you can tell story of “Oh My Kadavule”


“Oh My Kadavule Review by IMDB


Ashok Selvan and Ritika Singh who were friends since they were child, do you have any childhood friend please tell us in the comment section. we are back on “Oh My Kadavule Review” .Their friendship continues even after adolescence(a stage of age between 18 to 24) . Rithika Singh, who thinks that life will be happier if her friend Ashok Selvane  marry him. Ashok Selvan also agrees.

They are getting married but in the story, Ashok Selvan’s childhood friend Vani Bojan interrupts their lives. Vani Bojan is two years older than Ashok Selvan. Rithika Singh does not like the close relationship between Ashok Selvan and Vani Bojan.


“Oh my kadavule download isaimini”


Thus Rithika Singh, who often fights with Ashok Selvan, decides to divorce at some point. Vijay Sethupathi and Ramesh Tilak appear as gods before Ashok Selvan who is in a state of depression. We give you another life and they say don’t tell this secret to anyone.

Ashok Selvan, who is acquainted with both Rithika Singh and Vani Bojan in that life, is married to which of the two? Is the rest of the story.

Ashok Selvan is a perfect match for the role of a young man trapped by two women. He comes across in the film as a short friend and a happy husband. The chemistry work out for Ashok Selvan with both Rithika Singh and Vani Bojan is a plus for the film.

Rithika Singh, who is lazy when she is a friend, turns into a character in scenes where the wife suspects her husband. Vani Bojan is coming as a love angel. The scenes in which he comes are all captivating. Is expressing realistic acting.

Vijay Sethupathi and Ramesh Tilak have helped to take the story to the next level. Shara has done her duty to a friend without fail. Occasionally the counter comedy he hits makes you laugh.

The first half of the film is about love and conflict. In the second half, poetic scenes from beginning to end. Director Ashwat Marimuthu applauds for telling a love story from a different angle.

The background music by Leon James revives the film. The songs are kind of okay. Vidu Ayyanna adds extra beauty to the cinematography scenes.

Overall ‘Oh my God’ is a lovely movie.

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