Snack Video app download, snack video app 2021

Snack Video app download and Create amazing videos and share with your friends.

What This App Is All About?

It is a short video creator application that allows users to create engaging and entertaining videos. You can create any type of short video like Dance, Comedy, Acting, Vines, Education etc.

Snack video app is similar to Tik Tok app. It has lots of features. This short video maker app has amazing filters that you can use to create jawbreaking and eye-catching short videos.

You engage in these types of short videos as well as like, comment, and share to different types of social media. If you like videos of users it also allows you to follow that user for their future video updates.

For snake video app download click here for direct download link

Snack Video App Download

You can download snack video apk from link below

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Is Snack video a Chinese app?

Snack video apk is a Singapore-based app and it is developed by Beijing Kuaishou Technology Co. which was launched when the popular app TikTok was banned.

Why is snack video app banned?

Is Snack Video banned in India? It was one of the 43 other apps that banned by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. Snack video app banned along with the 42 other apps. Snack Video app was the most downloaded app in play store, with 190 million downloads.

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