10 Dangerous foods should avoid during pregnancy


Many women wonder what they should Eat during pregnancy,

Especially to make sure their babies develop healthy and robust in their womb

you should avoid certain foods that could be dangerous, such as

1. Raw, undercooked or contaminated fish or seafood such as ceviche.

2. Seafood with high mercury content includes swordfish, shark, king mackerel and phantasies.

3. – Eggs, red meat and poultry that are undercooked.

4. The pâté and refrigerated meat pastes.

5. Unpasteurized foods, such as unpasteurized milk

6. Soft cheeses (such as brie or camembert).

7. Fresh cheese (white cheese, panela, leaf cheese and grill).

8. Fruits and vegetables that have not been washed.

9. Avoid excess caffeine and herbal tea.

10. Avoid alcohol.

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