5 Tips to Buy Your Next Laptop/Desktop in 2022


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More people than ever think desktops are old-fashioned and go straight to the laptop aisle when they want to buy a new computer.

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For many others—especially small businesses, families, creative professionals, gamers, and tech tinkerers—desktops are often the best choice and the best value.


Let's consider these, and a bunch of other important factors, in this guide to buying a desktop.

Your Budget

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Instead of buying a $700 laptop with a competent Intel Core i5 processor, you can get a $700 desktop with a more powerful Core i7 CPU in it

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Windows is the latest iteration of Microsoft's operating system. Desktops that use it and previous versions of the OS are what most people typically rely on,

Operating System

Windows or Mac


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Faster processors with four, six, eight, or even as many as 18 cores will benefit software written to take advantage of the extra cores.

Graphics Card

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Choosing a graphics card is a complex affair. Gamers should consider the capabilities of their monitor first.

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