Top 10 thriller series on Netflix

08 December 2022

With the success of shows like "Stranger Things" and "The Haunting of Hill House", it's no wonder that Netflix is looking to create more thriller series in the future. 

According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, the streaming giant is planning to release at least four new thriller series in 2022.

1. Better Call Saul

This crime and legal drama, created by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, follows the exploits of Jimmy McGill before he met Walter White and Jesse Pinkman and his life after the events of Breaking Bad. 

2. Breaking Bad

Of course, Breaking Bad! The story of a chemistry teacher-turned-drug lord Walter White is being hailed as one of the greatest television shows ever made

3. Mindhunter

Serial killer thrillers are dime a dozen on various streaming platforms, but none can match the quality of Mindhunter,

4. Peaky Blinders

Next on the list is another gangster series. The show, which boasts a stellar cast, including Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy,

5. Narcos

Of course, no list on the finest crime or thriller shows on Netflix is complete without the eminently enjoyable Narcos

6. Squid Game

Okay, this one is fairly popular. If you have heard about it, but haven't yet given it a try, you should. Squid Game will not disappoint you.

7. Midnight Mass

Next in the list is a supernatural crime thriller. The Netflix synopsis for Midnight Mass reads thus:

8. The Sinner

Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman), an aging, tormented but brilliant detective investigates murder cases and tries to analyse the reasons behind ordinary people committing heinous crimes.

9. Unbelievable

If you are on the lookout for a true crime miniseries that is both engaging and humane, Unbelievable is the right pick for you

10. Ozark

The show has plenty of twists, cliffhangers, and turns that you barely see it coming. It focuses on the dynamics of Byrde family, and how they rise up to prominence in the local community in Ozarks and in the criminal syndicate they are part of. 

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