WordPress Shortcodes Generator plugin for custom use in widgets, Display pages, post

Searching for WordPress custom shortcode plugin? or wants to create your own plugin for your website. in this article I have covered the most important things before creating shortcodes for widgets, pages, posts

wordpress Shortcodes Generator


Now you can generate unlimited shortcodes with the Shortcodes Generator plugin, If you ever want to create a shortcode WordPress plugin then we also going to cover How to create a WordPress shortcode plugin in



In this article, I will describe How to Add Posts in Widgets, Pages, and Custom Posts Types Without Plugin. We also use the custom parameter to create Shortcodes and Create a simple plugin to start using your own shortcode in your WordPress site.


WordPress Shortcode Plugin

you can use shortcodes for display posts with separate category, taxonomy, tags.



<!– wp:latest-posts {“align”:”left”,”categories”:”389″,”displayPostContent”:true,”displayPostDate”:true,”displayFeaturedImage”:true,”featuredImageAlign”:”left”} /–>

Note: Make sure you have selected ‘Text’ (Not Visual) Tab in Classic editor before paste this code. buz it will not work in visual mode.


wordpress custom shortcode plugin

Have you tried to show posts in pages with a classic editor? Let’s know home to add posts in grid and column view post types in your pages with the help of classic editor using shortcode parameters.

Display posts in pages with classic editor shortcode


If you want to show posts on your pages with shortcodes then you always try [Display-post], right?

Now we will try some alternative ways where you can put your post by category without using any plugin or without touch functions.php file from the right hand!

Didi, you remembered? block editors have ‘Latest post‘ block?  Don’t worry we don’t have to use block editor to add posts in pages, just copy the following code and paste it in your editor to display posts by category.

<!– wp:latest-posts {“align”:”left”,”categories”:”389″,”displayPostContent”:true,”displayPostDate”:true,”displayFeaturedImage”:true,”featuredImageAlign”:”left”} /–>

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